Monday, May 26, 2014

Our Assembly

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On Friday we had our first Assembly for the year and term. Our Virtue that we showed to the whole school was Kindness. My class Room 7 had to prepared a Song, Acrostic poem and Poem or a Play but we had to work in our hubs. My hub did a Poem and a Song. For our song we had to make it up to our own words but it has to have words about kindness. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Writing and Maths Goals Term 2 2014

For my goals for Term 2 is to use 
* Specific and interesting vocabulary.
*Use the structure of explanation correctly.
* Use capital letters and fullstops consistenly. 
This term I need to approve my writing so that I can achieve my Goals for this term and hopefully next term hope to move to a different goal. 

My goals for maths is to achieve
* Doubles and halves to 100 
*groupings within 100 using 5s
*3 & 4 x table 
This term I need to complete my goals so when next term comes I'm in a higher level.