Monday, September 24, 2012

Worship God

We worship God everyday. We praise him in different ways.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday I went with my family to Telstraclear center in Manukau. We went to pick up Jane from her house then we went straight to the Telstraclear center. When we got to the Telstraclear we saw Caroline and Catherine were playing Knucklebones. While we were playing knucklebones the other people were playing cards.

After playing cards and knucklebones We had to line up in our rows. When we got in our rows we got ready to go to the stage. After we got onto the stage I was nervous with Caroline because the curtain was going to open. When it was opened Caroline and I saw Miss G and Mrs Williams. Suzanne and the rest of the school sang the muppet song first. When we were singing I was excited and happy, there was heaps of people there.

After singing some songs we had a break. While we were having a break Miss G gave us something to eat. After we were eating Caroline, Jane and I were playing while we waited to go back on stage. It was time to go to the stage, so we got ready. When we got into the stage we could hear the people in the audience all talking waiting for the curtain to open.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Story of Hope from the Bible 2

Genesis 13:17-14 - Abram move to Hebron
The hope was that the people will have a land.

Exodus 16: 4-5 - The Manna and the Qualis
The hope was that Jesus said that he would let food rain down for the poor.

Psalm 78:23-29 - God and his people
The hope is that God was sending down manna for them to eat.

Daniel 6:1-26 - Daniel in the pit of the lions
The hope is that God will forgive us everyday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Musical Evening

On Thursday 30th August It was musical evening at St Pius X School hall.

After school  I went home and had a shower. After I had a shower I got dressed up fast so I could go to school before 5:30pm because they were going to have a sausage sizzle. The bell rang so we could line up and go into the hall so we could start.

When we got into the hall I was excited. First we had a prayer started from room 2., they sang a song. After that it was time for room one’s turn, they did a dance with sticks.

When the juniors finished it was time for the seniors. We were next after Noizy Boys. Next up was room three and we sang ‘Puppet on a string’ and ‘Somewhere out there’. I was so nervous because we had to sing in front of the people. Ana and I sang the soloist part in ‘Somewhere out there’ and the class was singing the choir part.

When we finished Me and my family went to Master Chinese and their food was yummy.

Story of Hope from the Bible

Genesis 2-3 The story of creation
The Hope was that god would create light.

Matthew 24: 37-38 No one knows the day and hour
The Hope was that everything would be fine, even if things got bad.

Exodus 13-14 Hail
The Hope was that the people was free to God.

Exodus 15: 22-27 Bitter Water
The Hope was that provide them with fresh water for them.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 Dimensional Triangle

1. What is the name of this shape? Right Angle✔

2. What is a Triangle that looks like an upside down icicle? Equilateral ✔

3. What is a Triangle where all the sides are equal? Equilateral ✔
4. What is this shape called? Ellipse ✔
5. What sort of Triangle is this? Scalene ✔

6. What are these types of shapes also called? Right angle and Scalene x 2 dimensional shapes

7. Name 3 other 2 dimensional
shapes? Isosceles and Right angle, Scalene x Square, circle, rectangle

Sunday, September 2, 2012

X Country

Guess what! it was Friday 24th August and it was a lovely day. Saint Pius X had cross country.

Before lunch, we had to change because after lunch time was cross country. Miss G wrote the age on our hand, some people got excited and some were nervous. When lunch time was finished we all lined up. After lining up we went to the tennis court to sit down in our ages.

The five year olds were running first, Miss G said “get mark get set GO!” and they ran. They had to run around the school then run around the church then come back. Next was 6 years old they had to do the same thing like the five years old. After when the juniors ran, it was the senior’s turn.

The 13 year olds ran first before the other people. Miss G said 10 years stand up and they stood,. Miss G said “Get your marks, get set, GO!” and they ran. I was cheering for Jane because she was my best friend, they had to run around a hard course. The 10 year olds ran up the road the come back to school. Jane was the first girl to sit down so Mrs William’s could write if they were 1st 2st 3st 4st 5st. I was excited about Jane, she was the first one out of the 10 years old.

After all that excitement it was time to go back to class. When we got to class we had a fruit that was an orange, it was yummy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sacrament Summative Assessment

Draw on Tux Paint sketches of two different ways Jesus heals. Give each sketch a label.
The crazy people and Jesus

Finish this sentence: Jesus continues to heal people today through us. ✔

Highlight what happens in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
clothing with a white garment reading the Word of God
the washing of feet anointing the forehead with oil ✔ baptising with water ✔   laying on of hands
anointing the hands with oil   ✔ the rosary

Name the 7 Sacraments:
Baptism ✔
Commandment Confirmation
E Eucharist
Penance ✔
Anointing ✔
Holy Orders ✔
Marriage ✔

Name two ways people can participate in the celebration of the Eucharist By responding to father, by saying a prayer. ✔