Wednesday, February 20, 2013

e-Learning Vocabulary:

URL -  Address of a website.

Blog - Share your learning and Ideas.

Post - Sharing something to your blog.

Comment -  To leave comment one another peoples work.

Wireless - Connects to the Internet.

Email -  receiving and getting other peoples messages.

Username - your name to login account.

Password - a secret code to login.

Screenshot - Taking a picture.

Desktop - The main screen on my netbook.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silly Story

Gingerbread man and his other friends were going to the Library. He and his friends went to the library to go and look for a book about how to make gingerbread.
While Gingerbread and his friends were at the library they were trying to look for a book that says How to make a Gingerbread, but the book wasn’t there on the right shelf so they keep on looking for it. Finally “I got the book!” screamed Gingerbread man. When they got the book they ran home to go and cook it. After when they came back from the library to return the book they found a map on the doorstep.
When Gingerbread man and his friends found the map they were excited because there was a special thing inside. They went and put the book inside and came outside so they could go. Gingerbread man and his friends followed the map. While they were following the map  they were eating something while they were going. After that they got to the spot they had to dig up the sand so they could get the treasure. “OMG” scream Gingerbread we found the treasure. They got the treasure and opened it and found it was full of lots of gold coins.

Children In Nepal

People in New Zealand           People in Nepal

Children go to school.             They don’t go school.   
We have markets.                    They are building a market.
We buy food.                      They grow up food

Sometimes our parents do       They help their parents do
our washing.                            the washing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Holiday

My family and I were celebrating New Years in the Holidays.
My Aunty said that Jahdiel is going to swim in his own little pool with his cousin, but me and my cousins ran around getting wet from the hose.

While my baby cousin Jahdiel was swimming my big brother saw us watching Jahdiel swim so he told us to get changed so we could have a water squirt. My cousin and I were very excited and Salome and I were already changed, but my other cousin was still changing so we had to wait. After we all got changed my big brother got the hose and wet us.

I felt glad because we had a water squirt for the whole day but not night time. My cousin and I had a challenge competition of breathing in and out when we were under the water. I got the bucket and put ther water in it, while I was waiting to fill it up I went and joined my cousin playing a game with the hose. After that I came back and the bucket was full of water so I went and tipped the water onto one of my cousins. “ Why didn’t you tip the water on me and my cousin?” said Salome and I said “because you didn’t share the hose with me so I went and got the bucket and filled it up.

I felt happy at the end because we didn’t have any more arguments about the hose.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our School Motto

Advance means = Moving forward and looking ahead.

Faith means = Trust yourself and believe in God.

Hope means = Being positive that you will achieve your next goal.

Love means = Love is giving another person respect.