Friday, August 14, 2015

Sean Shark Week

I think that Sean is a brave kid to be interest in Sharks when he was 3 years old. Now he’s 10 years old he wants to stop people cutting the Shark's fin.   When he grows up he want’s to be Shark Biologist. Sean is a great kid to strive for his dreams and future. What he likes about Shark is that they are magnificent creatures. Sean explains what Shark finning is. Shark finning is when you cut the fin and throw the leftover body back to the sea so that it could sink toward the bottom where it is eaten by other fish. He was confident at speaking of what he was saying.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hockey Session

On a Wednesday morning, we had our first kiwi sport for Term 3, Hockey. Room 7 was the first class to begin with the Hockey Session. We head into the hall because it was raining outside. The Instructor split us into 3 groups.  First we started with warm ups before we began our lessons. Running to the end of the hall was the first warm up we did. Following on, we did monkey crawls. Afterwards we begin to start with the skills, first was the Marble. We started to do competitions as well, to see who would get the most score of doing the balancing the ball on the stick. One student got 101. From then we got into 2 groups because we were going to play a game of Hockey. He calls a number and that amount of people have to run and try get the ball into the goal net. At the end he calls everyone to come in, my group was trying to get the ball into the other goal net because we haven’t had a score yet. Our Session had ended, we all said “Thank you” to the instructor.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rainbow Fish

I think that the Rainbow Fish did the right decision to share his scales

* So he could have friends to play with
* Because he felt happier before he was.
* So that the Rainbow Fish won’t feel lonely

Therefore I think what Rainbow Fish have done was the right decision to share his scales with his friends instead of keeping it all to himself. Sharing his Scales away was a good idea because he think about others before himself.