Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some Of My Favourite Songs For 2013

Their are heaps of songs that are my Favourite, here is some of my Favourite songs. I hope you will like it.

Happy New Years

Hello Guys just want to say that New Years is tomorrow and I will like to say Happy New Years everybody for 2014. I hope that you guys have a wonderful New Years.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Taking Some Pictures With My Family

This photo is a picture of me and my little cousin Malia sometimes she always be naughty. Here is some of the photos of me and her. 

Skyping My Family In Australia

Today I was Skyping my lovely family in Australia. Mostly I was Skyping my brother and my beautiful cousin Salome. It was very cool skyping them because I got to see their face and talk to them. I love my family at Australia. My brother Isitolo showed me my oldest brother their dog. Here is some of the pictures. :-)

Going Swimming Pools

On a lovely beautiful sunny day on Wednesday My family and I went to YMCA swimming pools in Panmure. I had to packed my stuff on Tuesday night so that I don't need to do it in the morning. We went at 11:00am clock, when we got their we were excited. When we were at the pools I saw heaps of people that I know like my best friend Jane was their. Some of the Tongan kids that go to St Pius X school came. First I went on the big slide. I went with my little cousin Malia and we had to go on the steps so that we can go up to the top. That was my first time being on the water slide. I was so scared because I didn't know what to do and because inside the slide was dark and you couldn't see anything and I heard people screaming. I was stuck so I pushed myself and I wasn't stuck anymore. The water slide was long. After that we had some food to eat and some drinks. My favourite part was the water slide because it is cool inside it and dark.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everybody and Happy New years.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Beautiful Teacher Who Is Leaving Our School :-)

This picture is a photo of our lovely last beautiful teacher Miss G. She was the best teacher. Sad news she has a new job in Good Shepherd School. Wish her the best and good luck for her new job. We won't forget your beautiful smile on your face Miss G. We will love you and miss you very much and hopefully you will come back to our school and teach us again. I hope you have enjoy it. :-)  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our School's New Website! :-)

This morning Mrs Denney told the girls that was sitting inside the class room and those girls were Annalise, I and Aleica, Roserine. Mrs Denney told us to look at our brand new school website on her laptop, I was surprised when I looked at it. Our new school website looks beautiful and it was better than the old website. "We should change it every year" I said to the girls and they agreed. Feeling exciting. :-)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Peru Presentation

Here is the Peru Inquiry group presenting their findings.  Also the presentation that they used during their oral presentation and the rubic marking sheet for their group.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


This picture is my 1st best friend in the whole world. She is like a sister to me and she is a beautiful cousin to me. She is pretty, Awesome. Sad news she had to go to a different school at St Joseph in Otahuhu. But still she is my best friend.


This picture is Jane. Jane is a lovely friend to me also she is a lovely beautiful young women. Jane is one of my best friend in the whole world. She is like a sister to me and wish in the future she would be a pretty and awesome women.


This photo is one of my best friend in the whole world her name is Alecia. Alecia is always their for me and she is a kind person to me. She is a beautiful young women. Alecia and I always make jokes also she is funny. Alecia is like a sister to me and I wish that she was my sister.


This photo is a picture of my best friend her name is Annalise. Annalise is always their for me, we never fight. She is beautiful as her little sister. Annalise is a wonderful friend to me. Annalise is like a sister to me.


 This photo is a picture of Roserine she is my best friend. When we fight we apologize to each other and forget all the fights we have done. Also she is my lovely beautiful Cousin. She is a beautiful young women and always their for me also she is funny.

My Favourite Groups!! :-)

Hello my favourites groups are One Direction, Little Mix, Titanium and lastly Fifth Harmony. I pick those groups because they are very good singers. I love them and hope one day wish to go to one of these groups Concert. Hope you have enjoyed. :-)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Peru, South America

Nearly Holidays :-)

It is nearly holidays. In the holidays hopefully I will go to Australia to Brisbane so that I can meet my family there that had moved this year. Also I am exciting for Christmas because it is coming up this month. Hopefully that I will be good to my mum so that I can go to Australia. Hope that you have enjoyed reading my Diary.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Netbook Reflection

From the beginning of this year I know how to use my netbook because last year in the beginning I didn’t know how to use my netbook but this year I am very, very good at using it.

I love using my netbook because we get to do heaps of work on it. I improved my maths alot on my netbook. I love my netbook because I don’t want to use a book because my fingers will be hurt when you write.

Our netbook is a learning tool it is not a netbook to play games and it is for us to learn and do our work on it.

The Magic School Bus - Book Review

Title: The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor.
Author: Joanna Cloe
Illustrator: Bruce Degen

Characters: Teacher Ms. Frizzle and the Children that are Tim, Phoebe, Rachel, Florrie, Carmen, Dorothy, Amanda, Gregory, Arnold, John, Molly, Ralph, Michael, Phill, Wanda, Shirley, Alex.
Plot:The story is about when Ms Frizzle and her class go to the ocean. Each students in Ms Frizzle had to packed their beach bag. When they got to the beach they wanted to jump out of the bus. One of the children in Ms Frizzle class said that “ We were going to the beach and the other student Said “ No she didn’t, she said they were going to the Ocean and the other student said “ I guess she really mean it!. Ms Frizzle took her students in the bus and went into the Ocean, As the bus splashed through the wave the Life guard blew his whistle but Frizzle didn’t stop the bus so he was rushing out to rescue them. The children inside the bus Screamed and close their eyes. When they got on to the Ocean they open their eyes. The bus had turned into a submarine and everyone in the bus was wearing a diving suit. Ms Frizzle decide that this was a good moment for them to get out of the bus. The started to swim in the ocean. At the end They were definitely read to go home and they need a weekend off.
The problem was that the kids hoped that the Teacher Friz would let them out because they were going into the Ocean.

The solution is that when Ms Friz open the door of the bus so that they could get out of the bus and go for a swim in the Ocean.
Your opinion of the story:
I like the story because it have heaps of interesting pictures and words.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story