Friday, July 24, 2015

A Visit To Taiwan

It was a lovely day that we went to visit one of our classmate in Starship Hospital. I and 4 other students went with our teacher.

When school finished we had to do extra work while our teacher had a meeting. Once she finished her meeting,  we loaded in the car and off we went. I was lucky to sit in the front seat while the other four squashed at the back.  

After short while we arrived at the hospital.  We rushed to the main build to buy Taiwan a flower and an air balloon that says “Get well soon.”

It took us a while to look for  the ward where Taiwan is. . Mrs Tui (our teacher) ask the reception for help.   We realised we were in the wrong ward and we have to go back to the lower floor.  He was in 24, Room 9.  We were excited to see him.

Taiwan was surprised that we came and visit him. We all started to talk to him, asking  how he feels.   Chris said a prayer. We chat for a little while.  Mrs Tui was taking some pictures of us with Taiwan.  Sadly we had to goodbye as it was getting late.

On our way Mrs Tui gave us a treat.  She stopped at East Ridge shopping centre and bought us drinks, chips and lollies.  We were very thankful.
She dropped  us home,  first  was Folauhola, then Chris and then myself.  Misiotei was the last.  
I enjoyed  visiting our  classmate and friend at hospital and hope he will get better soon.

My Holiday - Going To Hamilton


During my holidays I went to Hamilton with my family to support my brother who got picked to play for Blues under 18. They versed Chiefs under 18.

Waking up in the morning was freezing cold and I was glad that it is the holidays.
“Wake up Rachel” whispered my Dad.  We are going to somewhere far.  I was out off bed in a blink.  We got ready and off we went to dropped  my brother to Unitec to meet his teammates because they were going on a bus to Hamilton to where they were playing.  My parents and I took the car. We drove for quite sometimes.   I asked my parents if we’re nearly there.
“No”,they said, “Another half an hour, maybe.
  I sat quietly at the back enjoying the drive and the view.   
I noticed this long river.  
“ What is this river mum,”  I said curiously from the back.
“ It is Waikato River,” said mum.
I was surprise because it was my first time there.  I watched the river as we kept driving on.
My Mum pointed out the Maori Cemetery on the top of a mountain across  Waikato River where the Maori King and Queen got buried.  I was amazed.

We finally got to the Hamilton but were lost.  Dad wasn’t sure how to get to St Paul’s Collegiate.   We had to stop and ask for help.  Some kind person in the shop directed us the way.  It’s always lovely to know there are kind and helpful people out there
We arrived at the place quite early.  The game kicked off time was 12.30.  A little while later, my brother and his team arrived.  They went straight to the changing room to get change to have warm up before they play.
While we were waiting my mum decided to go buy something to eat  before the game start  as we haven’t had breakfast.
Soon the game began.  We watched with excitement.  It was a tough game for both team. There were many supporters for both team.  My brother played really well.  His team won.  I did not take note of the final score.   I was proud of him and his team.  I know mum and dad were very happy too.
We had head off  to Auckland after the game.   On the way I had nap.  I was so tired as we woke up early.  I woke up and we were  close to Pukekohe.  

Once when we got home I had good shower before dinner. I really enjoyed my day at Hamilton. It was a great family day out.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lectio Divina ~ Prayer

Today during Religious Education session I have learnt what Lectio Divina is, Lectio Divina is a type of traditional prayer that is a prayerful reading. Here is my Lectio Divina Prayer..
Dear Heavenly Father, help me to forgive one another as you had forgiven me. Amen