Monday, September 30, 2013

At Holiday Programme!! Day 1 Feeling Excited :-)

Wow! I woke up in the morning and it was kind of raining. I got up and had a shower and brush my teeth. After I did that and dry myself I got change. When I finish got change I did my hair.

After I finish did my hair and got change I ask my dad to drop me and my cousin Sefesi to St Pius X Catholic School to the Holiday Programme in the hall. 

When my Dad drop me and my cousin Sefesi off it was raining and when we got to St Pius X Catholic School we saw some people under the shade. 

We went straight to the hall and some people were playing inside. 
After that we started, first we did a morning prayer then Halamehi put us into 2 groups. I was in team 1 and the other team was team 2. 

We had to pick a name for our group and pick a leader so that they can look after us and pick the people that are playing. 

The first game we played was Cat and Mouse. My team was on the chairs and that means we were the Cat so that means my team had to catch the other team that is the Mouse and then when we get all the other team out then it means its our turn to be the Mouse and he other team gets to be the Cat.

After we played Cat and Mouse we played other games. After when we did other games it was Lunch time. After lunch time and we ate our food that Halamehi and Mele made for us we went outside and play in the park.

Some boys were playing some touch near the Park. When lunch time was finish we went inside the hall again so that we can play another game. When we got inside we played some games. 

When it was at the end of the day a person from my group had to say a prayer. After the prayer we went outside. While we went outside I went straight to the car so that I can go back home with Sefesi's Brothers. .

My favourite part was that we played Cat and Mouse and Dodge Ball because that was my favourite game that we played today. Bye see you tomorrow. :-)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wow My Highest Score On Typing Test!! Feeling Excited

Typing Test
Visit the Typing Test and try!

Wow I was just practicing and when it was finish it showed up on the side 79 I was very exciting and I jump up and down. Feeling Excited, second time getting 79. 

Typing Test In the Holidays!!

Typing Test
Visit the Typing Test and try!

Feeling bored so I decide to practice typing and this is what I got. I am going to keep on practicing until I get up to 78. I hope you try it. See you tomorrow. Bye

Watching Mr Popper's Penguins

Straight after the 3 news it was time for Mr popper's penguin movie. It is very funny because I have watch this on Sky movies. 

Also While I am watching it I decide to go get the Tim Tam from the kitchen. After I got it I ran to the room so that I can start eating it while I am watching it. 

Thank you for reading it I hope you have a lovely beautiful day tomorrow. See you, Bye. 

Having Dinner!!

Wow on a lovely beautiful night at 6:30 we are going to have dinner. For the dinner that we are eating tonight is Chicken and Potatoes and Potatoes salads. 

After dinner I am going to watch T.V. waiting for my movie to come on and that is Harry Potter Part 1 and Part 2 is next Sunday, also another movie that is coming on late like at 9:30 and that movie is called the Walking Dead.  I can't wait to watch Walking 
Dead and Harry Potter. See you tomorrow. Bye


Going On Maths Whizz!! :-)

 Nearly Night time I decide to go on Maths Whizz because it helps me to learn my basic facts and my maths skill. Also I like Maths Whizz because it helps me to be clever on it and you change your your room Colourful and you can buy pets. On Xtra Maths it helps me answer the basic Facts quick. See you tomorrow.

Typing Test In The Holidays!!

Typing Test
                      Visit the Typing Test and try!
I think this is my 5 highest score and I am very proud of my highest score 79. I am trying to get 82 or 80. Also if you want to get like 71 or 79 you can just visit 10 fast fingers. I hope you guys enjoy it. See you tomorrow

A Photo Of Me!! LOL

Good Afternoon everybody I would like to say thank you for reading my post that I have post in the holidays. 

Tomorrow is Monday and I am going to Holiday Programme at Saint Pius X School Hall. Some students from St Pius will come because when I go I always see them their. 

It is going to be cool and I am really excited because we get to play heaps of games and at the end of the day people get prizes like chocolate also on the last day Friday their is going to be a Prize Giving.  

Thank you for reading my blog. See you tomorrow

Movies Yay!! Feeling Excited :-)

Wow I woke up and it was a lovely beautiful sunny day. I woke up and brush my teeth and wash my face and then dry my face. After I've done that I got change and did my hair. 

I got change before my little cousin and my mum. When my mum and my little cousin was ready we went to the movies at Sylvia Park. We went up the stairs and went inside where we buy pop corns and ice cream. My mum and I and also my little cousin had a pop corn each and a Ice cream and also lastly a drink. 

We had to pick a movie and I pick One Direction This is us. We had to wait so while we were waiting I started to eat my Ice cream and I save my drink and my pop corn because if I didn't save it I would not eat anything while we are watching the movie.

When we got inside where we watch the movie we had to look for our seat and when we found our seat I put my drink on the thing where you put your drink in the car and that. Also I put the pop corn on my lap so that I can share it with my mum and my little cousin.

After when it was finish we went back out of the room and when outside to find where we park our car so that we can hurry up and go back home so that I can have a Lovely nap because I was so tired after watching the movie. 

Church Time!! :-) Feeling Holy

Wow Church on Sundays!
I woke up and it was kind of a beautiful day and it was Sunday. My whole family that lives with me had to go Church.

I went on the 10:00 Clock mass. When we go church on Sundays we always go to the 10:00 clock mass. 

When we finish changing and everyone was ready we went 

straight to church and find a parking for our car. After when we finish parking we went inside the church and small people were their because it was only like 9:30 and when it was like nearly 10:00 clock everyone started to come in. 

After when Church finish we went
to the shop to buy something for us to eat. Then we went back home. When we got home we put the stuff that we brought from the shop to the kitchen table. After when we finish eating me and my little cousin made a puzzle. And I was so proud of my little cousin Malia because she did most of the puzzle right and I only did a little bit.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Watching X Factor Replay!! :-)

Today I am so bored just listening to my Cousin's speakers in his room playing music loud. 

Siting on bed waiting for the X Factor USA replay. While I am waiting until it comes on I decide to comment on other people's blog in my class and that is Room 3.

After when I comment on my friends blog in Room 3 I am going to do another comment on my other friends in Room 6. 

When I finish doing commenting I am just going to wait until the X Factor USA reply comes on and eat some Tim Tam.

Wow Holidays!!! Yay

 Wow school holidays Yay!!
On a beautiful day that was school holiday I wanted to sleep all day so that I can get some rest. I like sleeping because that is one of my favourite thing to do in the holiday.

Today I was watching T.V. because I was so bored and I don't know what to do so I decide to read a book.

Also in the holidays I am going to the movies to watch the One Direction This is us because I am a fan of them and I love them so much. 

Next week I am going to Rainbow's End with my family. It is going to be exciting because their are cool rides and some of them are high as and I am kind of scared of heights. My favourite ride is all of them and the most I like is the Fear Fall. 

I am feeling exciting to go to the movies and watch This is us by One Direction and going to Rainbow's Ends next week. Yay!!.

About Term 3

This term was a great term because we did most fun stuff like making pinata and all those things we did this term. 

For Maths this term I am on Stage 5 and I want to be on stage 6 before the end of the year and I am trying hard so that I can be on stage 6. I like maths because it helps me how to learn my time tables and division. It helps me clever when I know all my basic facts. 

Next subject this term is Reading. I like reading because when I read all different kind of books it got interesting pictures and words and it helps me learn hard words and make me clever so when I grow up I can know the hard words in high school.

The lastly subject is Writing. I like writing because it helps me putting Capital Letters and full stops on my sentence on my writing. Also I can type fast when I type my words on a Document when we write a Recount. 

My favourite thing this term was making pinata that we paper mache the balloon because it is so fun and excited because when we finish paper mache the pinata we pop the balloon and we put the lollies inside the pinata so we can smack it and the lollies comes out from it. Also we smack it at the end of the year. 
Feeling Exciting.  :-)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Duffy Recount

Wow! On a beautiful day straight after morning tea we lined up where we lined up in the morning. It was at the St Pius X School hall. It was a Duffy Theatre. We lined up where we lined up in the morning, each class went inside the hall so it can start. When everyone in the hall we start. First they told us what were their name and their name was David, Manu and also Lose. Manu and Lose are Samoans and David is kiwi so that means that he is a New Zealanders. After when they finish telling the whole school what were their names they started the show.
They started to act like duffy and all those things. Everyone was sitting down and most people were laughing, I was laughing too because they were funny.

Manu was acting Duffy and David was acting as Scruffy and also lastly Lose was Afi. The title was called Duffy loses his words. They went and got change at the back of the big square where all the the words and the title.

The two brothers Duffy and Scruffy was looking for each other so they ran around the big square thing where it says the title. While they were running around the whole school started to laugh even the teachers. After that they found each other and they talk to each other.

After that Lose was Afi she show us when she goes to school with Duffy and the teacher was Miss Arthur that was Daivd. Duffy and Afi came late to school and Miss Arthur ask Afi to read a book to the whole people, we were laughing when she got the words wrong. While she was reading the book and she got the words wrong the whole school was laughing loud, I couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny. Duffy was sleeping and a man came and his name was Vautra, while Duffy was sleeping Vautra came and suck all his words from his mine so that he can loses his words for the test. Duffy and Afi challenge Vautra so that Duffy can bring all his words back. While they we challenge Afi was rhyming the words and if Afi rhymes the words Vautra sneeze and Afi keeps on rhyming the words and he always sneeze. After when Duffy got all his words back he can read. Afi was reading the Wonkey Donkey book to the whole school. While she was reading it and it says on the book three legs she said “Tree legs but actually it was three legs. Then it was finish when they bye. Some people ask questions. I felt excited to watch the Duffy Theatre when they performance to us about reading. My favourite part was when Afi was rhyming the words fast as. I am looking forward for next term and next year when their is another Duffy Thearte and the same people.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Typing Test Term 3

Next time I will try and beat my highest score and that is 79.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kids For Kids Concert

Guess what! On a lovely beautiful day we had the Kids for Kids rehearsal in the day time and on the night session it was the real performance. It was at the Life Convention Centre in Mangere.

First in the morning we had to come early before 8:30am and some people came early some people nearly came late, I came a little bit early. We had to get some morning tea to put inside the bag and after that Miss G and Mrs Denney were making sure everyone was there and some people nearly came late. When some people came I said “Hurry, run because we are going soon” and they ran. After that nearly everyone was here, when everyone was here at school, we lined up outside of Room 3 so we could go. Foulahola was walking down the hill to see if the bus was there and she ran fast to tell Miss G that the bus was there. Mrs Denney and Viliami went down the hill first to go on the bus and we went after when they left. When we were walking down the hill to the bus we went inside it.
Mrs Denney was at the back telling people where to sit, there were heaps of seats and 2 people had to sit on 1 seat. In the bus I sat with Ma’ata and also I sat quietly looking outside and there were cars and some traffic on the road. When we got to the Life Convention Centre we got out of the bus and Miss G came in the car at the same time as us, also Mrs Carter and the Santa Maria choir were behind us on the road. On the bus I saw Danya outside checking the schools.

After when we got outside we went straight inside with Miss G and Mrs Denney. When we got inside we saw different schools, we sat on the seats. We had to get tallest to smallest, I was the third tallest. We were waiting until our school name came up so we could sit on the stage. When they called our school name we went up onto the stage and sat on the wooden benches. Our school was the third to last to be called out. When all the schools were on the stage we started. We sang Haere Mai first and also we did some actions to the songs. When we finished the other songs we went and had our morning tea before the second half. When we got back to our seats Mrs Denney started to hand out our morning tea. After we finished our morning tea we had to wait until they put us on stage. While we were eating our morning tea Tokilupe and Rosalina had to go with Chris to a room to audition. We were waiting until they called our school name to go up for the second half and while we were waiting Paul, Albert and I and also Misiotei decided to play I dare you. While we were playing some people were still eating their morning tea. When we got on the stage for the second half we started singing Glorafilla. Chris said “Let’s have the soloists to sing”. When we sang all the the songs for the night session some schools went back to their school.

When it was finished we had to stand up in our rows, our school rows was 3 and 2. I was on row 3 because that was the tallest row of our school. When we got outside of The Life Convention Centre we walked to our bus and the bus was near the backstage. We got inside the bus and we had to go all the way to the end so the other people could go on the middle seats and the first seats. We were on the bus and it was quiet because some people were tired and they started to sleep in the bus. When we got back to school we woke up the people that were sleeping. We lined up on the hill and Mrs Denney said “After our lunch we will have a game”. When we got to our class we went and sat down on the mat to say our lunch prayer. After we finished doing our lunch prayer we got our lunch from our bags. We were outside eating our lunch and when we were eating it Miss G came out with Ice blocks and that was our surprise. She handed them out and everyone had one each.

While we were eating our ice block some people went to the tennis court with the balls to play doge ball and master and all those games. Mrs Denney said “Finish your ice blocks before you come and don’t come with it to the court” so some people we starting to eat it fast. When I bit the ice block my teeth got cold so I didn’t bite it. When everyone finished their ice block they went straight to the courts, while we were going to the court some classes was outside. I asked Tangi if their class had an Ice block and he said “Yes we did”. I heard that the Baraden College girls brought the Ice blocks for every class. In the court most of our class played doge ball so I decided to join in. Mrs Denney said “You guys have 25 minutes and then we are going back to class”. We had a half an hour in the courts. When we finished having a game outside the tennis courts we went straight back to class.

While we were inside the classroom we played a game that was called Good Morning Judge. We played it until home time. It was nearly home time, we got our bags and went outside to line up so we could go home.

My favourite part was that we went on the bus to The Life Convention Centre because on the bus we got to sleep. I felt excited when we went to The Life Convention Centre. I was really proud of Rosalina because she made it into the soloists and that means she had to sing at the night session. I was really happy on the day because it was a lovely day we had.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Matthew 25 : 36

Physical well being                   Having a healthy body.

Social well being                       Having family-whanau support.

Mental and emotional             Being able to tell others what  you think and feel.

Spiritual well being                   Being able to believe in God.                 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kids For Kids Rehearsal

On a beautiful morning we had Kids For kids Rehearsal. We got on the bus and went to the Life Convention Centre in Mangere. When we got to the Life Convention Centre on the bus I looked through the windows and I saw Danya and also I saw Chris when he walked inside the Convention Centre. When we got inside we saw 15 different schools and we sat down on the seats. When we got on the stage I was excited because there were only teachers that were in the audience so that I wouldn't get stage fright.  We sang most of the songs on the First Half. When it came to morning tea the soloists had to go with Chris to a room to audition. After that we went back on stage and sang the rest of the songs and also the soloists made it in had to sing and Rosalina made it in. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Filming Reflection

Today we had to write a Reflection about filming. For our movie for the film festival we did Success. We had to get into 4 groups and we had to pick one of the things to do from our brainstorm which were Subjects, Sports, Music and also Achieving our goals, my group did Subjects. We had to do the planning on the scrap book. We wrote down who were the Actors and the Director and the Camera Operator, I was an actor playing the teacher Aid.

After that we had to film it on one day. Miss G and Annalise were the Directors, they were the ones that edited our part of the movie. We were in our South American Inquiry groups for the film festival, everyone had a part to play. We watched it and discussed how to make it better.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Maths Reflection

In maths today I was practicing my maths skills on maths whizz and also practicing basic facts on Xtra Maths. It is a little bit hard and some of it is easy. I like maths because there are heaps of different things and also I like it because it helps me be clever and know my maths skills so when I grow up I can be Clever. I am on stage 5 for maths, and for factions groups I am in Crafty Circles.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

On a lovely sunny day the teachers, students and family and also father were celebrating the feast day of Saint Pius X. In the morning at 9.00am we had a school mass and everyone was invited. It was raining and everyone had to stay inside. Mrs Denny did the roll first before we went to the church. When I took roll to the office I saw other classes going up the corridor to go to the church. I came back from the office and room 3 was lining up to go to the church so I hurried and went between Kanesini and Patrick.
When we got into the church some of the classes were there and we had to go and sit down on the seats. The mass started and we started to sing a song. Latanoa and Zheinya went up and they were saying words that were on the presentation and it was presented to the church. After that we sang songs and then it was time to do Communion. When I finished going up I came back and kneeled down and said my prayer to God, after that we sang a song that was called Jesus so beautiful. After when Mass was finished we lined up outside of the church and walked to the hall. When the whole school got inside the hall Mrs Tui whispered to the people around to sing Happy Feast Day To St Pius X and we sang. After that we ate a banana cake that had iceing on top of it. When the whole school finished their cake room 3 lined up so that they could go back to class to have their morining tea. After morning tea we had a concert. Each class had a item for the Jam Bus. We sang Something in the water and Haere Mai. The 2 soloist was Tokilupe and Ezra, Ezra was singing Haere Mai and Tokilupe sand Something in the water. Some classes had 1 item or 3. Last was Room 7 sang Good Friends and Let it go. When they sang Good friends Mrs Tui said “ Every can Joined” and we joined. When the concert was finish we went back to our classes. When we got inside the classes we did our lunch prayer then we went and got our lunch. After Lunch time their were a special guest and her name was Linda. First we had to go inside the hall before we start. When we got inside there were a picture of Linda that she was holding the Insrument that was called on the picture. When everyone was inside the hall we started. Linda Played us a Euphuniom and her fingers was fast when she put her fingers on the keys. When she was talking about herself to us on the screen it shows her on the Tongan Group at Auckland Girls. Their were other pictures of her playing a Euphuniom by herself. It was time for questions and no one put their hands up so Motu put his hand up and said “ Hi my name is Motu and my question is what culture do you come from”  and that was one of his questions he asked. When it was finish Linda ask Mrs Logons daughter if we can take a photo of the whole school. We had to sit where we were and Mrs Logons daughter and stood at the top of the stairs and took a photos of us ad Mr Slade went up too and took a photo of us on the ipad. After that at 2:00 clock we went to the tennis court for a Basketball Tournetment. First we had to get into our house colours. Deja and Ezra was the leaders for Kiwis and that was my house colour. The game was started. It was Tuis and Keas the was first to play. Some of the Kiwis was cheering for Tuis and Keas. Tuis was in the lead, Catherine was in Keas and she got a 3 pointer and Linda was saying Yay. Linda was watching Tuis and Keas challenge and then she had to go. We said “ Bye Linda” and she said “ Bye” back. Next was Kiwis and Geckos. I went on the second half. After that people said “Geckos and Tuis are coming first”. When it was finish we went back to class and got our bags ready to go home.