Friday, August 23, 2013

Tiakina a Tangaroa

On a lovely afternoon Sophie and her other friends were practising how to swim and they learnt how to do the hand signals to us in an emergency. This story was at the sea in the place called Marine Reserve. The story happened in the afternoon and morning. The children were learning to swim, also protecting all the plants and animals in the sea. They did a fundraiser parade so they could buy more snorkel gear for the children in other schools. They put on wetsuits to help them float and kept them warm.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

This Week for Religious Education we are learning about St Pius X because it is his Feast Day Today. His Full name is Joseph Sarto. He grow up poor with his 8 brothers + Sister also he grew up in Italy. He was the first person to started Holy Communion. Holy Communion was supposed to be for Adults but he decide to allow the children to receive their first Holy Communion. He was born on June 2 on 1835. Also he died on August 18 on 1907. He study hard to become a Priest. First he become a Priest then Bishop, Cardinal and also a Pope. He helped the poor and he gave all of his things to the poor people. He wanted to be Poor and Die Poor and also he doesn't want rich things because their are other people in the world that is not rich.

The Liturgical Calendar

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Celebrity Report

Demi Lovato is a singer and she lives in Los Angeles. She is 20 years old she is turning 21 on August 20.

Demi Lovato has dyed her hair lots. She has brown eyes and her smile is beautiful. She has a tattoo that is a cross, also she’s got another tattoo that it is on her wrist and it says ‘STAY STRONG’.

Demi Lovato is a very sweet sincere person, she is very social and friendly and puts others before herself. She is an American singer and a songwriter.

Demi Lovato has achieved six awards from the teen choice Awards and MTV video music awards. Also she got an Alma award and she got People’s Choice Awards which was Best Young Artist Awards.

Demi Lovato was born in New Mexico and United States. Her parents are Patrick Lovato and and Dianna Hart. Also her favourite colour is Red and Black. Demi Lovato’s favourite foods are pickles, cheese, eggs, rice krispy treats and chocolate also she likes Mexican food. She likes to eat cheese pizza too. Her real name is Demetria Devonne Lovato but people just call her Demi Lovato.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cross Country

Guess What! on a  lovely sunny Tuesday after Lunch time the whole of St Pius X Catholic School had cross country. The Seniors had to run on the footpath in the streets and the Juniors had to run on the field.

We had to wait until everyone was inside the tennis courts so we could start. Miss G said “12 years olds are first”. All the 12 years old got up, the girls had to be in the front and boys have to be at the back. Miss G said “ GET YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!, and they went off. When they went off they started to jog. Next was the 11 year olds and I was 11 years old, but I wasn’t running because I wasn’t allowed as I wasn’t well. I was cheering for my friends and also Miss G told me to take pictures of the Seniors and Juniors. When the 12, 11, 10 and 9 year olds ran off the  Juniors sat inside the tennis court and they were talking to each other while they waited for the Seniors to come back. 12 and 11 had to run twice but the 10 and 9 they had to run once. Monique came  1st out of all the 12, 11, 10 and 9 year olds. When Monique came she had to go to Mrs Williams because she came 1st out of the 10 years old. There were other people coming up the driveway. When Monique finished going to Mrs Williams. The St Mary’s girls were on the path way cheering for them the students too. There were flags and some teachers wearing reflector jackets also there were parents and their kids were watching them running. Some people came 1st, 2nd 3rd in each age. When everyone finished running it was time for the Juniors to run. Miss Moodley said “the 5 years olds stand up”, so they stood up. They went to the field and sat down on the tarpaulin. It was the 5 year olds turn to run, the girls were first. Mrs Pole said “GET YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!  and they went off. A teacher had to run in front of them so the students could know where to go. I was taking photos of them with Monique and we were cheering for them. I was cheering for my little cousin and her name is Malia, I was cheering for her loud as. Lili came first and Malia came 2st and Virginia came third. When it was the 8 year olds Monique and I were running with them. I beat monique on running and next was the 9 years olds, they had to run twice and also the 8 year olds.

My favourite part was taking pictures of  the people that were running. Also cheering for my friends and one of my friends came second and I was proud of her. I said to one of my friends that she was so fast and I said to myself  “MAN I WANTED TO RUN BUT I COULDN’T BECAUSE  I WILL GET SICK AGAIN”. When it came to the end some people went and had a drink. After when cross country finished we went inside the classroom and got our bag so we could line up outside and go home.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Assumption

We celebrate The Assumption because it was Mary’s Heavenly Birthday. Some people said that she didn't die she was Dormition, that means she was sleeping. A miracle happened to Mary.

She is the Queen of Heaven and also she is the Queen of us. No one can find Mary’s body and her bones and so Pope Pius declared that Mary’s body went up to Heaven. Mary’s heavenly Birthday is on 15th August.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Camping Holiday

One day a family decided to go camping. Dad came back from work with a new tent. Jake and his sister decided to put it up at the backyard. They packed their stuff that they needed to go with to go camping. Jake and his sister asked about the T.V. and dad said “who needs television?”. Mum said there is no shopping and telephones when camping. “It will be peace and quiet” said Mum. Mum packed boxes of tin food. Also Dad said “Don’t forget anything, Dad checked the all their gear. Dad said that they are going to lots of fishing and lots of tress to climb. They were going camping at the forest. While they were going camping Mum was singing in the car and Dad whistled and also Jake and his sister played I spy. When they got there they all unpacked the boot. They family was grumpy because they left the tent so they had to go back home. While they were on the car to go back home no one was singing and playing I spy and whistled, they were all quite. When they go back home they started to have a barbecue and Dad  said “We could camp here for the night”. The family was so happy.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The 7 Sacrament

Sacrament Image
Name of Sacrament and what it means
The name of this Sacrament is Marriage. Marriage means joining with another person in front of God. If you divorce that would be sad.
This name of this Sacrament is Holy Communion. Holy Communion is when you receive the bread and the wine.
The name of this Sacraments is Confirmation. It means that you wanna be Catholic and you stay Catholic.
This name of the Sacraments is Holy Orders. It means dedicating you life to God.
This Sacraments is Baptism. It means that when you were born or when your older you get baptised and your welcome to the church.
This name of the Sacraments is Last Rights. It means that Father is blessing you farewell before the person dies.
This name of the Sacraments is Reconciliation. It means when you are cleansing away your sins.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Badminton Report

Badminton is a game with a racket and shuttlecock which is hit over the net using the racket.

The equipment that you use for badminton is a net, Racket and a shuttlecock. We use these equipment to play with.

When you play badminton you hit the shuttlecock over the net so it can landed on your partner’s racket before it can be returned.

Loose fitting clothing, if you are playing professionals players they wear white. Needs to be able to suck up your sweat.

The rules are you not allow to hit other people’s racket and you are not allow to cheat.

It is not a hard game to play it is a easy game to play. Lots of people can play it. It’s safe to play and it is good exercise.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rainbow Bird

    Rare Parrot                             Brown Pelican
Heaps of birds that were brown and grey wanted to be colourful at the forest. A rainbow popped up in the sky and the birds were surprised. The birds was trying to rub leaves, flowers and splash the berries on them. The birds wished some day that they would be colourful.

Suddenly a Phoenix started to come down from the sky and went to the birds on the trees. The birds was surprised to see the Phoenix. Some of the birds went with the Phoenix to the rainbow. While they were flying with the Phoenix the roaches started to come down to fight with the birds. Some of the birds were eating some of the roaches when they came down. The birds fought them and they won. The rainbow started to be colourful again, the birds were excited.

The birds wanted to be colourful so they went through the rainbow. When they went through the rainbow they turned rainbow colours. After when they went through the rainbow they went back with Phoenix back to the forest. When they went back to the forest the other birds were jealous because they didn’t turn colourful because they didn’t help the Phoenix fight the roaches.