Friday, June 29, 2012

God Summative Assessment

Write true or false next to these.....

A covenant is a beautiful song in praise of God. - True xFalse
God promised to be the God of the People of Israel. - True
The people promised to worship and obey God. - True

Highlight the line with the best ending to the sentence.......

When the people failed to keep their Covenant with God (Te Atua).....

God turned away from them.
God renewed the Covenant with them again and again.

Abraham and Sarah kept the covenant with God (Te Atua).......
by following Jesus.
by obeying God and worshipping God.

Match column one with column two.
God calls people to forgive one another ✔
God is always faithful people’s tapu and mana are restored ✔

People are to respond to God’s call  with faith and obedience✔

When reconciled to one another even when people are not faithful.✔
Please complete these sentences.

To believe in God (Te Atua) means to have faith in God✔
With the help of the Holy Spirit children could build up the Kingdom or Reign of God by listening to what God has said to them✔

Imagination Story

When I opened my eyes Mum yelled to me saying “wake up and go help dad dig the hole”. When I got outside I was freezing and it was four degrees and I was falling asleep. I dug deeper and deeper until I tiredly fell into the big hole I had done. As I awoke from my deep sleep I was in a place called Candylane.

When I had landed I fell on smooshy, sticky ground. The trees were made out of  fruit and it rained hundreds and thousands. When I looked behind me I saw lollies and ice creams and I wanted to eat it but it was plastic until a man came to me and said “you can eat it”.  

I saw a shadow, it was Jim and he was so tall that I couldn't reach up to him.

In front of me he held a glass ball that had all my family and friends names floating around with snow around it. It was so beautiful that I almost cried and Jim said “no don't cry.” Jim said. “Take this to your house and hide it safely. Make sure no one sees where it is hidden”. “Ok”I replied to Jim!, Jim had giant's ear, Two eyes, strong long arms and legs. Also he is happy when people treat him happy

As I went home to my real world, I hid my present that Jim gave to me and i put it in my draw where no one would know where it was. After that I went on digging the hole that mum told me to do for her. When I was digging the hole I thought of that present that Jim had given to me. After I dig my hole I went to my room and look at the surprise that Jim gave to me.

Pigeon Impossible

Plot: The little short film that room three was watching it was about secret agent and it was call pigeon impossible. What happen was a the secret agent  Walter went to sit down. Suddenly he saw a pigeon and the pigeon wanted a donut. Walter gave him a little bit but he wanted the whole thing. Walter had to go take the suitcase to his boss. But the bird made the suitcase fall down to the ground. When it landed on the ground the bird was inside the suitcase. The bird was pressing the button and then the bomb from the suitcase came out and nearly hit Walter. Pigeon was eating the donut then the bomb fell on him.

Problem: The pigeon wanted the whole donut but Walter gave him a little. But pigeon wanted the whole donut. Then Walter looked at him and carry on eating, the pigeon impossible went and scratched Walter face. The pigeon impossible hoop in the case and started to press random buttons. He chase the old lady and she screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhh then she ran away. Soon afterwards he came back to Walter then he brang out a bomb and started shooting Walter, but the bird missed. Pigeon got a fiery case an started to shot around everywhere, after that Walter picked up the donut and showed it to pigeon and the pigeon stop shooting and went to the donut that Walter had in his hand.

Solution:  Walter open the suitcase and let the donut fall on the ground. Walter blew up the rocket.

Your opinion of the story: I like it because the pigeon impossible keep pressing lot of the button.

Illustration of a character doing something from the story: It was cool because the pigeon was shooting everywhere.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Past and Present Presentation

In this term in Inquiry we have been learning about school's in the past and present. We got most of our information from Howick Historical village.  My partner and I think that we have done well. Next time my partner and I will do better. Check us out.! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jesus title page

I chose this photo because it reminds me of Jesus and we are in the middle of lent.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Te Atua Title Page

For the rest of this term we are going to be looking at God in Religious Education. God is a healer and blesses us. God is also our creator. The Maori name for God is Te Atua.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glitter Art

This is a Kowhaiwhai  pattern that I did during class time for our Maori art. Reuben Paterson inspired me to do a Kowhaiwhai pattern because his type of art was amazing. I enjoyed painting and glittering because when I grow up I want to be an artist. The part that I found difficult was pasteling because we never knew that we were going to trace it.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Haka Ma

This is a short video of room three singing a Maori song with vowels in the song. Check this out.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Basketball Facts.

Children can play Basketball even though they are 5 or 8 they can learn basic skills and enjoy basketball environment.

In basketball you have to concentrate on the player that you are passing into and when you are throwing and shooting the ball in the hoop.

Many parents wish their child to be a sports person and to be healthy and strong.

Some people can do 2 pointer and 3 pointer shots, you can stand from a far distant out of the circle.

Howick Historical Village.

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village was when we went to the scavenger hunt. I was excited because we got to look around. I had to go with Miss G’s group.

We had to find stuff around the village like a little house, toy car, beds, wood shoes. When we saw the stuff we had to write it down on a piece of paper. There were numbers so we could go and find the old things in the houses from the olden day in the past or things that they didn’t have in the past.

When miss G said “listen” so we could look for something that they didn’t have in the past and not to touch anything. There were ropes so we can’t go past them. There was news paper on the wall. I said to myself wow thank goodness I don’t have to live in that house.

There were some people in Andrew’s group that were working hard. When we had to find stuff from the olden days houses there were little windows. There were some pictures. When we got to one of the house we went inside the bedroom. They used oil lamps instead of light ball.

When we finish finding stuff we gathered together to see what we had got. Some people were tired of  running to go look for the old stuff.
When we found all the clues it was lunchtime, so went under the tree.

My favourite thing from my trip.

This is my favourite thing about Howick Historical Village in week 5 because I learnt something new from the olden days.