Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cultural Day

“I am so Nervous” I said to myself. The whole Senior Syndicate went for a mass for Diversity in the church.

On a lovely beautiful, sunny day the whole Senior Syndicate went to mass to celebrate Diversity for our Cultural day to share what we have been learning about for the past 2 terms.

The bell rang and the Senior Syndicate lined up so that we could go to church. When the Senior Syndicate were in the church the people in Room 3 who were reading had to go sit in the front because they were saying the prayers of the Faithful. They were Annalise, Rosalina and I. Inside the church we were ready to start the mass. I was so nervous because sometimes I get fright when I have to read in front of people. When it came up to the Prayer of the Faithful we were nervous. When we finished reading our prayers we went and sat down.

After church finished we lined up outside so that we could go back to class and get ready to get a pencil or a pen so that we could mark their presentation. Room 3 was suppose to present first but Miss G and Mrs Tui swapped places.

Each class presented and it was a great day.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Term 4 - Typing Test

Today we had Typing Test Challenge. Each Term we have Typing Test Challenge. Every single day afternoon we have been practising  Typing Test so that each Term we could be having high score. I  am so proud of myself because I have been practising Typing and that's how I get highest score. My Highest score is 88 by the way. 

Comparing Communion Of Saints

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Touch Training

I am looking forward to having a lot of fun and also to learn some skills of Touch. Also I am really excited to play our new Kiwi Sport.

I am expecting to know how to play Touch and to know the rules. Also I am expecting to listen to the Instructor.

We are doing Touch for fitness and our School Kiwi Sport and also lastly for our school tournament.

We will see people training us how to play Touch when we are out on the field.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2013

“Yay I shouted to myself and my friends in the hall”.  
On a beautiful, lovely, sunny day straight after the bell rang we went to the hall so that we could say our prayer before we left.

Straight after we said our school prayer Mrs William told the Room 6 people to get their soul friend so that they could go together in the bus. Mrs William told Mrs Deeney to take her class down to the bus. Room 3 went straight down the hill so that we could go on the bus. When we were on the bus some classes were coming into the bus. There were 2 buses that were down the hill. We were on the first bus with Room 4, Room, 5 and half of Room 7 because there were too many people so Mrs Tui halved her class.

While we were on the bus waiting to go to Sylvia Park there were people in the bus playing games. I was just sitting quietly until we got there. The bus driver stopped and Mrs Tui told Room 4 and 5 to go out in the front door and she told Room 3 to go out in the back door because our class was close to the back door.

When we got out of the bus we walked straight inside the mall. While we were in the mall we had to go to the top to the movies. When we got to the top we walked straight past the tuck shop where you buy popcorn and went inside the room where we saw the big screen. There were heaps of Glen Innes school. We had to find our seats and there were people talking. I was sitting with my friends Tokilupe and Annalise.

The movie started when they turned off the lights. Alecia and Patrick were the presenters from our class. Patrick and Alecia went first on the stage and they said their part then jumped off the stage and went and sat down, then our movie was on.

I was proud of Room 3 because we did amazing. There were other people presenting. Annalise, Lupe and I were sitting quietly until the other movies came on from different schools. Some of the movies were funny and when it came to the funny parts I started laughing with Annalise and Lupe. Room 7’s movie was last out of all of them. I liked watching different schools movies especially our schools films.

My favourite part of the Film Festival was Room 7, Catherine and Sione Dale’s group and the Magic Teacher from St Patrick’s. I picked Catherine’s group movie because I liked the song and it was interesting.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Valentines Days Restaurant!! :-)

Today I went to Valentines with my family. I was so exciting to go with my family to Valentines. When we got their we walked straight inside the building so that we can start to eat. I sat with my cousin at a table where my other cousin's were. First we did a prayer and went and got our food. My cousins and I stood up and got a plate and went straight and got our food. It was so Yummy and I was so full after when I ate my food I had dessert. After that we came back home. Thank you for reading it see you tomorrow.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Who Inspire Me - Maria Tutaia

My Inspiration is Maria Tutaia. I liked her because she is my favourite player on netball. She inspire me by netball because I like how she play. Her position is Goal Attack and she's a good shooter and thats why I want to be like her. 

St Patrick

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Netbook Journey!

Hello today I am going to tell you about how I feel taking my Netbook home. Taking my Netbook home is so cool, Also I do my homework on it and finish work when I haven't finish at school. Some of the Year 5 were so exciting to take their Netbook home because that was their first time taking it. Thank You See you Tomorrow. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Best Friends

Hello Today I am going to tell you about my best friends. My best friends are Jane, Alecia, Annalise and lastly Roserine. I picked them because they are so beautiful and they are always their for me. Also they are kind to me, They are like sisters to me and I can't stop thinking about them how they are so lovely and showing me the Virtue of Love. Thank You See You Tomorrow.

Communion Of Saints

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prompt Practice 4

“Hurry Up Harry” Shouted James. We are going to the zoo for our trip with our family.

On a beautiful day that everyone woke up the same time James decided to go to the zoo with their family. James walked out from his room and went straight downstairs so that he can asked his mum Nicky. “Mum can we go to the zoo so that we can have family time” Whispers James quietly to his mum . His mum said “Okay but first you have to go packed some lunch and put it in your bag so that you can eat their. James went straight upstairs to his room so that he can packed his stuff. James had to go and tell his brother’s and sister if they are coming with them. James went to each room, first he went to his older sister Catherine’s room and knocked on her door, “Who Is It” screamed Catherine “Its me James” Said James to his sister. Catherine asked to James what do you want and James explained to her “We are going to the zoo do you wanna come” told James to her sister. Catherine started to brush her teeth and wash her face, after when she did that she dried her face and got change also James shouted from his room “Catherine you have to packed your stuff right now”. Catherine packed her stuff, James brother’s were changing too, Catherine walked into her brother’s room and told them to packed their bag and food. After when they finish they hop on the car and went straight to the zoo. Finally they got their at the zoo and their were heaps of people. They found a spot where they can eat. They left their stuff and went and looked around the zoo. First they went and looked at the Lion’s. Catherine turned around and she couldn't find her brother James. “Mum James is losted” shouted Catherine to her mum and brother. James was looking at the elephant far away from the loins. James mum and her brother and sister was looking for him, they couldn’t find him. James thought that his sister and his brother was with him but it was a different person. James was running around like crazy.

“I found him Mum” said Cathrine. After when Catherine found his brother James Nicky James mum told him to stay with them and don’t go anywhere.  They were looking at different animals and after that they went and had lunch where they put their stuff. James and his family got homed and had dinner and they were very very tired so they decide to have a good nap.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt Practice 3

“ OMG Why are we here Carly? “ asked Ashley. Ashley answerd to Carly’s question, she said to her “ We are her to do a report about the tiger”.

On a horrible day for Carly and Ashley they had to do a report about the tigers. First they were in this cage that they were locked up with other people. All of them were very very scared because one of the tigers were on top of the cage and the other two was sitting on their bottom. They were very hungry and thristy. Carly and Ashely asked the other people that were in the cage with them if they are hungry and thirsty. “Yes we are hungry and thristy and we just got her like 4 hour’s ago” said the people. Carly and Ashley was shocked. Carly and Ashley were planing to go to the super market so that they can eat while Carly and Ashley doing their report about the tiger. They very very afraid that the tiger will bite them. Carly and Ashley was trying to get out of the cage so that they can go to the super market and buy food for the people that were inside the cage, they couldn’t go out of the cage because they think that the tiger was going to bite them. Carly and Ashley open the door that was on top of the cage. They got out of the cage and they were afraid, Ashley told Carly to don’t be scared and just stay with her.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Prompt Writing 2

Samson woke up and it was a beautiful day to go to the beach with his family for a trip.

Samson decided to asked his mum if they could go to the beach. Samson’s mum Jasmine said “Yes”. While Samson was ringing his friend’s house Samson’s mum Jasmine packed all the food and put it in a big bag. She had to go and buy some food from the supermarket so that they could have a picnic at the beach.  

Jasmine went to the supermarket and and there were lots of people there. She went and brought chips and drinks and some things to make a sandwich. After when she got the things she had to go and pay. There was a queue, Jasmine had to wait for ages. While she was waiting Samson rang her and told her to hurry up because everything was packed and he was ready with his friends to go. “Wait because there is a queue, I will be there soon” said Jasmine. Samson and his friends were waiting for Jasmine. Jasmine was waiting on the queue, she was nearly up to pay her things. After when she came from the supermarket she went back home and picked up Samson and his friends. It took Jasmine a long time to drive to the beach. They got there and there were heaps of people. They had to find a space so that they could lie down. Samson and his friend went and swam in the ocean. There were heaps of people swimming in the ocean and Samson’s mum Jamsine couldn’t see them. She got up and she was trying to find Samson and his friends, she couldn’t find them so she went to the security guard that was sitting on this chair that is high so that he could see the people that were swimming. She asked the security guard if he could find her son Samson and his friends, he told Jasmine he couldn’t see them. The security guard looked again and they were drowning, he got up from his chair and said “OMG”. Jasmine asked him what happened, he said “They are drowning”, he went straight to the ocean and started to swim.

“Please can you save my child and his friends” said Jasmine to the security guard. The security guard got Samson and his friends out of the ocean, but there was one left to get and he couldn’t swim. The security ran fast in the water and got him. They had to go to the hospital to take one of Samson’s friend which was Charlie. They rang Charlie’s parents that he was in the hospital. Jasmine said to the security “Thank you for saving my son and his friend I appreciate that”. Charlie was better on the third day then Samson started to bring his friends over to his place to play outside and have dinner.