Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

One day Tom ask his mum if he could play outside and his mum said “yes, but don’t go near the dragon in his cave”. Tom’s mum also said to never go near the dragon cave because he will tell you to go inside. Tom said “yes, I won’t go near the cave”, but Tom didn’t listen to his mum and Tom just went to the dragon’s cave.

Tom played with the dragon and the fire from the dragon’s mouth came out. Tom just stood there and they made bread. The dragon blew fire again so the bread could get cooked, so they could eat it. Tom’s mum told the bad things to him about the dragon. When Tom meet the dragon he thought he was kind to him. Tom’s mum thought that the dragon was bad, but the dragon wasn’t bad.

Tom and the dragon became friends forever.

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