Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

After school I went for a little nap and then when my Mum finished from work I went for a shower. While I was showering my Mum ironed my school uniform. When I finished showering I went and got dressed up so I could be ready. When I finished dressing up I went and did my hair. Finally we went straight to Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani Film Festival.

When we got there I went with my Mum to go and buy Popcorn and a drink. While I was eating with my mum I saw Kilistina and her big sister. I ask her if she wanted some popcorn and she said “Yes” so I gave her some. Me and Kilistina couldn’t finish the popcorn because it was a big popcorn so we called Sonya to ask her grandpa if she can come with us. Sonya went and asked and her grandpa said “Yes”. When Sonya came we ate some more and watched the Tamaki College students perform a song before the movies started, they were good.

It was time to start so Miss G told me and Sonya to go inside  because we were the presenters for our movie. When we got inside Sonya was nervous, Miss Burt told us where to sit and everyone start coming in to find their seats in the theatre. While they were finding their seats it was nearly time to start.

My favourite thing was Room 6 movie from Saint Pius X because it shows their virtues and it was fun.

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