Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silly Story

Gingerbread man and his other friends were going to the Library. He and his friends went to the library to go and look for a book about how to make gingerbread.
While Gingerbread and his friends were at the library they were trying to look for a book that says How to make a Gingerbread, but the book wasn’t there on the right shelf so they keep on looking for it. Finally “I got the book!” screamed Gingerbread man. When they got the book they ran home to go and cook it. After when they came back from the library to return the book they found a map on the doorstep.
When Gingerbread man and his friends found the map they were excited because there was a special thing inside. They went and put the book inside and came outside so they could go. Gingerbread man and his friends followed the map. While they were following the map  they were eating something while they were going. After that they got to the spot they had to dig up the sand so they could get the treasure. “OMG” scream Gingerbread we found the treasure. They got the treasure and opened it and found it was full of lots of gold coins.

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