Saturday, March 23, 2013


On a sunny day it was athletics on Friday 15th March 2013 straight after Soul Friend Mass.

Miss G told us to go and  get our bags and get changed. First we went and got our bags and went straight to the toilet so we could get changed. When we all finished changing Miss G stood outside so when people came out she could write their house colour and age on their hand.

After morning tea it was time to go to our house colour on the field. I and Catherine were holding the banner and we went to our sunshade of our colour house. When we all got to the field to our sunshade Miss G was speaking to us so we could start.  

We started the Athletics. Miss G called out 10 years old to go to Mrs Denney. When we got there we did Beanbag Shuttle. Mrs Denney told us how to play. First Mrs Denney put the bean bags in a row then we had to run and collect them one at a time and put them in a big bag. There were 4 bean bags for each team, we raced against the other teams.

My next activity was the high jump, I felt scared because I might hit the stick. When I first jumped I wasn’t scared because I made it. On the next round I didn’t make it because it got higher. It was the finals and Mr Coakley said that the 3 top champions of the high jump would do it during Lunch time so they could find out the winner of the 10 year olds. Catherine, Misiotei, Frank were the champions of the 10 years old. I was proud of Catherine because she was the only girl and she was in my house colour.

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