Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swimming Recount

Two weeks ago on Monday the swimming pool had arrived.

I was excited about the swimming pool. We started swmming on the following week that was coming up on Monday. When it came to Monday we changed at 10am. The phone rang and Miss G answered the phone and it was Mrs Bell. Mrs Bell said “There is no swimming”. Miss G told us that there was no swimming so we changed back to our school uniform. I said to myself “fingers cross that there is swimming tomorrow”. The next day was Tuesday and they said that there was no swimming again. I said “MANN” to myself because there was no swimming on that day. So when it came to Thursday we got excited because there was swimming so after morning tea we got changed.  

We went quicky to the pool and had to put our bags inside the tent, when we finished putting our bags inside the tent we lined up and we got into the pool one by one and then had to line up along the side of the pool.

When we were in the pool Jillian said “Do you guys know how to do arm circles?” and some people said “No we can’t, can you show us how to do it?”. So Jillian showed us how to do arm circles. After she showed us we had to do it.
At the end of the swimming lesson Jillian said we can had 2 minutes of free time. I was playing Tiggy with Annalise and Joshua, I was in and I was swimming to Annalise and I tagged her. When it was time over I went all the way to the end with Joshua and I told Joshua to go under the water with me and touch the ground and we did it.

After when we finish we went up the stairs and did a high 5 with Jillian. I was last to get out. I walked outside of the pool and I went inside the tent to change, when I walked in the girls were changing and Alecia and Rosalina were nearly finished. I said to Alecia and Rosalina “you change fast as”. I put my school uniform on then I went back to class and then we had our lunch.

My favourtie part of Swimming was free time because we could do anything at the swimming pool but we were not allowed to fight and drown other people.

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