Thursday, July 11, 2013

Term 2

My favourite thing in term 2 was Swimming. I picked Swimming for my favourite activity because that was my favourite Sport. Also when was going swimming we had to go inside and we had to line up at the corner. Also my favourite subject was Maths because it helps me be clever in maths and also it helps me to learn my basic facts.

My least favourite was Footbal because we had to run to the sides and also we had to challange different groups. It was kind of hard because some groups were good at Football. I don’t like fitness because when I don’t bring my fitness clothes and I have to wear my school uniform I get sweaty and smelly.

For next term I am looking forward to League and the Kids for Kids concert because League is one of my favourite sports. Also I am looking forward to the kids for kids concert because it is really cool and it’s got cool songs. I’m also looking forward to having fun with my friends and Embracing Other Cultures.

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