Sunday, April 6, 2014

Going To The Fair

"Wow what a beautiful lovely sunny day today" 
I said to myself when I woke up. 

When I woke up this morning all of a sudden my  little Sister / little Cousin starting to wake me up, so I got up went and washed my face and brushed my teeth and while I was doing that she said
 "Rachel are you going to the fair today" and I said "Of cause I'm going because I have been good to mum yesterday and today and your not going" She started to shouted at me saying that she is going. After when I got changed Malia and I were waiting for her brother to hurry up and finish getting change so that we could go church and come back to go to the fair. We hoped into the car and went off of to church. After church we came back home and got changed into different clothes so that we could go. I was excited because I know that some of my friends were going to be there. We got at the fair at Sacred heart College in the field. While I was walking around with my family suddenly one of my friend tap me in the arms and I didn't know so I said "Hi see you at school" After that we got back home safely.

       The end

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