Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oktapodi is a short film that was set in Greece. Room 3 watched Oktapodi and it was cool with the graphics. Oktapodi means octopus!

This morning we talked about sharing our opinion. The main characters are an orange octopus called Oktapodi and a pink octopus.

Oktapodi was hugging his girlfriend in the sea shop then the man came and took the pink octopus in the van. Then  the van went off. Oktapodi ran after the van. and he punched the orange octopus so he can fall off. They were jumping on the pool then the man was trying to get both of  them but the van fell into the sea. Oktapodi and his girlfriend was hanging on the wire and then seagull took Oktapodi and flew away. The girlfriend went and rescued Oktapodi from the seagull.

I liked the short film, especially when Oktapodi's  girlfriend got taken away and Oktapodi went and saved her. Also when Oktapodi got taken away and his girlfriend went and saved him.

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