Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Term 1 Reflection

My favourite thing at school is to listen to my teacher and to respect others. I love to hang around with my friends at school.

I will be good at school next term so I can listen to my teacher, Miss G and finish my work on time.

Next term I will not talk in class so I can concentrate on my learning so I can achieve in my work.


valenisai said...

hello Rachel, they sound like some really good goal for next term. I especially like how you are going to listen to your teacher inside class room.

Next time when you post a story on your blog read thought your piece of writing.

monique said...

Hello,Rachel I really liked the Good words that you put in your writting on your term 1 reflection. I knew you will always like to hang around with your friends at school at all times.

Rachel I also like listinig to the teacher to in class so i can pay much more atention.
I really like you discritive writting keep it up girl.

Jane said...

Hi Rachel it is good to see your writing but you need to use some interesting word's on your writing.

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