Friday, June 29, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Plot: The little short film that room three was watching it was about secret agent and it was call pigeon impossible. What happen was a the secret agent  Walter went to sit down. Suddenly he saw a pigeon and the pigeon wanted a donut. Walter gave him a little bit but he wanted the whole thing. Walter had to go take the suitcase to his boss. But the bird made the suitcase fall down to the ground. When it landed on the ground the bird was inside the suitcase. The bird was pressing the button and then the bomb from the suitcase came out and nearly hit Walter. Pigeon was eating the donut then the bomb fell on him.

Problem: The pigeon wanted the whole donut but Walter gave him a little. But pigeon wanted the whole donut. Then Walter looked at him and carry on eating, the pigeon impossible went and scratched Walter face. The pigeon impossible hoop in the case and started to press random buttons. He chase the old lady and she screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhh then she ran away. Soon afterwards he came back to Walter then he brang out a bomb and started shooting Walter, but the bird missed. Pigeon got a fiery case an started to shot around everywhere, after that Walter picked up the donut and showed it to pigeon and the pigeon stop shooting and went to the donut that Walter had in his hand.

Solution:  Walter open the suitcase and let the donut fall on the ground. Walter blew up the rocket.

Your opinion of the story: I like it because the pigeon impossible keep pressing lot of the button.

Illustration of a character doing something from the story: It was cool because the pigeon was shooting everywhere.

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