Friday, June 29, 2012

Imagination Story

When I opened my eyes Mum yelled to me saying “wake up and go help dad dig the hole”. When I got outside I was freezing and it was four degrees and I was falling asleep. I dug deeper and deeper until I tiredly fell into the big hole I had done. As I awoke from my deep sleep I was in a place called Candylane.

When I had landed I fell on smooshy, sticky ground. The trees were made out of  fruit and it rained hundreds and thousands. When I looked behind me I saw lollies and ice creams and I wanted to eat it but it was plastic until a man came to me and said “you can eat it”.  

I saw a shadow, it was Jim and he was so tall that I couldn't reach up to him.

In front of me he held a glass ball that had all my family and friends names floating around with snow around it. It was so beautiful that I almost cried and Jim said “no don't cry.” Jim said. “Take this to your house and hide it safely. Make sure no one sees where it is hidden”. “Ok”I replied to Jim!, Jim had giant's ear, Two eyes, strong long arms and legs. Also he is happy when people treat him happy

As I went home to my real world, I hid my present that Jim gave to me and i put it in my draw where no one would know where it was. After that I went on digging the hole that mum told me to do for her. When I was digging the hole I thought of that present that Jim had given to me. After I dig my hole I went to my room and look at the surprise that Jim gave to me.

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