Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday I went with my family to Telstraclear center in Manukau. We went to pick up Jane from her house then we went straight to the Telstraclear center. When we got to the Telstraclear we saw Caroline and Catherine were playing Knucklebones. While we were playing knucklebones the other people were playing cards.

After playing cards and knucklebones We had to line up in our rows. When we got in our rows we got ready to go to the stage. After we got onto the stage I was nervous with Caroline because the curtain was going to open. When it was opened Caroline and I saw Miss G and Mrs Williams. Suzanne and the rest of the school sang the muppet song first. When we were singing I was excited and happy, there was heaps of people there.

After singing some songs we had a break. While we were having a break Miss G gave us something to eat. After we were eating Caroline, Jane and I were playing while we waited to go back on stage. It was time to go to the stage, so we got ready. When we got into the stage we could hear the people in the audience all talking waiting for the curtain to open.

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