Sunday, September 2, 2012

X Country

Guess what! it was Friday 24th August and it was a lovely day. Saint Pius X had cross country.

Before lunch, we had to change because after lunch time was cross country. Miss G wrote the age on our hand, some people got excited and some were nervous. When lunch time was finished we all lined up. After lining up we went to the tennis court to sit down in our ages.

The five year olds were running first, Miss G said “get mark get set GO!” and they ran. They had to run around the school then run around the church then come back. Next was 6 years old they had to do the same thing like the five years old. After when the juniors ran, it was the senior’s turn.

The 13 year olds ran first before the other people. Miss G said 10 years stand up and they stood,. Miss G said “Get your marks, get set, GO!” and they ran. I was cheering for Jane because she was my best friend, they had to run around a hard course. The 10 year olds ran up the road the come back to school. Jane was the first girl to sit down so Mrs William’s could write if they were 1st 2st 3st 4st 5st. I was excited about Jane, she was the first one out of the 10 years old.

After all that excitement it was time to go back to class. When we got to class we had a fruit that was an orange, it was yummy.

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