Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Weird Neighbour

Once upon a time there is a girl name Jane. She lived with her parents.

One night Jane heard a bang from outside. Jane looked outside, She saw a haunted house that was next to her house. While she was looking outside she saw a ghost walking around the house. So she close the curtains and trying to sleep but she couldn’t because she was scared. When Jane was trying to sleep she feel something that someone was in her room. Jane saw the door opening and closing, she was about to scream to her mum but she didn’t because they might thought she was lying. So Jane just turn her light on and went sleep. After that she got out from her room and went outside with her torch. She looked around with her torch and she saw someone sitting down on the bench. Jane said “hello” and the person didn’t say anything, so Jane just walk back into the house and when she was about to close the door she saw no one sitting in the bench.

When Jane woke up in the morning she said Finally it not night time because if it was then she will be scared.

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jane said...

Well done Rachel I really like reading your writing. Keep at up Rachel.... :)

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