Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catholic School Day

On a beautiful sunny Tuesday on May 21st 2013 was Catholics School’s Day.

The whole school went and lined up so we can all could go to church. When we got there the St Joseph’s pupils were coming up the hill to go to the church.

When we walked inside the church St Joseph’s were sitting on the other side. There were two priests and one of them was our priest and the other was from St Joseph’s, and his name was Father Terry.

We started the mass at the church. Father did the gathering blessing then the readings and the Psalm. The Psalm was sung by Deja and Latanoa. They sang very well and their voices were beautiful.

After all the readers and the Psalm it was communion time. While we were going up for communion we sang a song and it was ‘Jesus so Beautiful’.

When the mass was finished Mrs Tui told us what classes we go with from St Joseph’s. When Miss Tui finish telling us what classes St Joseph’s goes too, we stood outside of the church and waited for the classes.

It was lunchtime when we came out of the church. Our class had to go and get their lunch and go outside. When our class went outside we had to sit with the St Joseph’s Room 2. Joshua, Rosalina and I were sitting next to the girls. I asked one of them “what is your name?” and she said ”my name is Sahara”. When the bell rang to finish eating I went and hung around with some from St Joseph’s school students. Salote took photos of us.

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