Friday, May 17, 2013

My Pencil

A pencil is made of wood. and is hard like a rock. It is a very useful tool.

The pencil is as thin as a felt and a pen and also a paintbrush. Inside the pencil is a lead,, if you hit it on something the inside will break. It is a long item that we use to write with.

The pencil is sharp, also some of the pencils are colourful. It is very easy to hold a pencil. They can be blunt like a flat tyre but it is better when it is pointy.

Some pencils can be a circle shape and some can be a hexagon shape. We use the pencil to write and also we do creative stuff with it. Some have rubbers on top of the pencil.

My drawing friend is sometimes in the classroom or at home or maybe inside my school bag.

My pencil is like holding a light brick also it is very special because you can keep it and also it is seen at the desk or at the office where you buy a pencil.

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