Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Magic School Bus - Book Review

Title: The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor.
Author: Joanna Cloe
Illustrator: Bruce Degen

Characters: Teacher Ms. Frizzle and the Children that are Tim, Phoebe, Rachel, Florrie, Carmen, Dorothy, Amanda, Gregory, Arnold, John, Molly, Ralph, Michael, Phill, Wanda, Shirley, Alex.
Plot:The story is about when Ms Frizzle and her class go to the ocean. Each students in Ms Frizzle had to packed their beach bag. When they got to the beach they wanted to jump out of the bus. One of the children in Ms Frizzle class said that “ We were going to the beach and the other student Said “ No she didn’t, she said they were going to the Ocean and the other student said “ I guess she really mean it!. Ms Frizzle took her students in the bus and went into the Ocean, As the bus splashed through the wave the Life guard blew his whistle but Frizzle didn’t stop the bus so he was rushing out to rescue them. The children inside the bus Screamed and close their eyes. When they got on to the Ocean they open their eyes. The bus had turned into a submarine and everyone in the bus was wearing a diving suit. Ms Frizzle decide that this was a good moment for them to get out of the bus. The started to swim in the ocean. At the end They were definitely read to go home and they need a weekend off.
The problem was that the kids hoped that the Teacher Friz would let them out because they were going into the Ocean.

The solution is that when Ms Friz open the door of the bus so that they could get out of the bus and go for a swim in the Ocean.
Your opinion of the story:
I like the story because it have heaps of interesting pictures and words.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story

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