Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our School's New Website! :-)

This morning Mrs Denney told the girls that was sitting inside the class room and those girls were Annalise, I and Aleica, Roserine. Mrs Denney told us to look at our brand new school website on her laptop, I was surprised when I looked at it. Our new school website looks beautiful and it was better than the old website. "We should change it every year" I said to the girls and they agreed. Feeling exciting. :-)


Dorothy said...

I love the website too. It has a fresh new look with some gorgeous photos.

Mrs Burt

Rachel said...

Thank you Mrs Burt for your feed back. :-)

Miss G said...

I'm pleased you enjoy the new look website :)

Rachel said...

Yes Miss G I've Enjoy our new school website also it looks beautiful. :-)

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