Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Holiday Writing 2014

The Christmas Holidays

In the holidays one of the happiest moments i had was going shopping. I went with my mumand brother to Dressmart at the Onehunga mall. I brought new  converse shos and I felt really happy.

I also had a sad moment in the holidays, when i found out four of my family members had cancer.  We visited them and we had family prayers.  I prayed they would get better so they did not die because it’s sometimes scary for me when i go to peoples funerals.  I do not like to kiss the dead body’s.  

One of the boring times I had in the holidays was playing games on my brother’s Xbox and watching T.V. It was kind of cool but it was boring at the same time.

A scary thing I did in the holidays was watching a movie called Paranormal Activity 5 the marked ones. It was also pretty scary when I stayed home with my brother and two of my cousins alone. We were really scared because we heard  some creepy noises out side the house.


Kelly M said...

Wow Rachel did you check your work to see if it makes sense and Wow I never knew that you where old enough to see that movie.

Paul said...

Nice work Rachel I like your introduction, nice work.

Annalise said...

Wow Rachel, what a fantastic hoilday you had. I hope you had fun going to the mall.
Well done !!

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