Friday, March 21, 2014

My Soul Friend - Mikaela

My soul friend is Mikaela, she is 8 years of age and a year 4 in room 3.  Her birthday is on September the 25th this year.

Mikaela’s favourite book is Geronimo Stilton, she also likes to play spelling bee because that is her favourite game to play.

er favourite program Gravity Falls and her favourite singer is Zendaya because her songs have got alot of beats

Also Mikaela’s favourite sport is basketball because she likes shooting the ball into the basket hoop, Her favourite movie is Harry Potter.

Her favourite food it butter chicken because its so yummy and tasty, also her favourite friend is Moana and Alilia. Her favourite fruit is straw berries because its taste sweet and yummy.

Her favourite colour is yellow because the colour is so bright colour and her favourite teacher is Mr Gaffney because he is so awsome to her.

Who inspire her is her Mum because she looks after her and take care of her.

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