Friday, August 1, 2014

Today's Reflection

Today we had a class mass in the church.

In the morning we all got sorted for our mass, we discuss who's reading yesturday, I was one of the readers which is the prayers of the faithful. We walked into the church and genuflect. I was so nervous but not that nervous because there weren't so many people that came. 

After mass we went straight to class. We did some maths but which was a little bit of time because Mrs Tui had said to the class that their were visitors that were going to come and check us how we've been doing with our learning on the netooks. They haven't turned up yet so we decide to reading and writing instead of maths which we were gonna do maths when they come and visit us. 

 I had a lovely day because I have learnt something in my maths and writing but not reading because didn't get enough time. Siniva which is one of my friend ( Best friend ) helped me with my writing. Also she told me to write down what is common nouns and proper nouns. I was so amazed what she had taught me because that could help me learn with my writing. I am so proud of my self because in maths I have learnt what is fraction and how to explain it how I got the answer like e.g ( 1/5 of 50 is 10 ) The whole is which is 50 shared into 5 equal groups and take 1 out.  Hope you have lovely weekend!


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