Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing Games!! Feeling Exciting!! :-)

Wow!! I woke this morning and I was so cold. I keep on putting the blanket over me while I was sleeping.

When I woke up my Cousin went straight to the lounge and turn on the T.V.  and then he went and sat on my Bean Bag. After when he turn it on I ask him what is he watching and he told me to come and look.

When I got out off my bed I went straight to the lounge and sat on the chair so that I can watch T.V. too. 

While we were watching I ask him should we go and have breakfast and he said "After when the cartoon finish" and I said "Okay". 

After that when the cartoon finish it was his favourite cartoon that was on, I ask him should we go now and have breakfast and he Said "After my favourite Cartoon" and I said "Mann" so I just sat quitely and watched it until it finish.

When it was finish we went straight to the Kitchen so that we can make our own breakfast. I had Toast and Milo for breakfast and my cousin had the same with me.

After when we had breakfast we went into the lounge and play some last cards because we didn't know what to do so I decide to play Last cards.

My cousin always beat me on it and sometimes I always beat him.
But for next time I am trying to beat him when we play Last cards again. 

Thank for reading my blog, See you tomorrow and have a lovely holiday. :-)

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