Friday, October 25, 2013

Katie the Happy Puppy!!!


tokilupe said...

Hi Rachel, Whatta Cute puppy you've got. You named the cute puppy Katie. What I like about your storybird is that the pictures are Amazing but some of your words don't make sense. But that fine. Next time check your wordd before you post because I found some mistakes....... Well Done! :)

joshua said...

Hello Rachel well done on that story bird but I found come mistakes and some of your sentences does not make sence. What I like about you story is when it was Katie's birthday and on Katie's birthday all her friends. Maybe next time you could fix your mistakes and make sure that you read you sentences before you post it.


Victoria said...

Hi Rachel

I really like your puppy it is very cute. I also like how you picked you picture's. Maybe next time you should put a lot sentences in it. Keep up the fantastic writing Rachel , I can't wait to read your next piece of writing.

Alecia said...

Hi Rachel awesome Storybird Creation keep the great work up!! I loved your picture because they were so cute. Maybe next time you could double check it because it didn't make any sense.

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