Friday, October 18, 2013


Wow for our new kiwi sport for Term 4 is Squash!!
"What kind of sport is Squash!!"

Today straight after morning tea it was Room 3's turn to go inside the hall to learn skills about Squash. First we lined up outside Room 3 so that we can go to the hall. We walked to the hall so that we can go inside to start. When we were inside the hall their were two mens their name was Michael and Phil, they told us what was the rules about Squash. After when Michael and Phil told us about the rules for Squash Phil put us in 2 groups.

The other group went and practice skills for Squash and the other group went and played Squash on the court for Squash and then we had to swap before 11:45 because their were another class that were going to the hall to have Squash. We particpate and we listen while Phil and Michael were talking to the class. My group went and play Squash on the court for Squash while the other group learn skills. When it was time up we had to swap so that the other group can get a turn to play Squash on the court.

After when my group finish playing Squash on the court we went to the other side of the hall so that we can learn skills. Phil told us if we can bounce the ball by using the Racket and it was so easy for me, after that he told us again if we can throw the yellow ball up and flip the racket to the different sides. After when we finish doing everything we had to put the racket back on the bag and we had to sit on the floor at the hall so that we can go back to class, but first he gave the paper that says if you want to play Squash at Panmure where Phil and Michael do Squash and also it cost for free. After when Phil gave the paper we went straight to lined up outside.

We asked Miss G if we can go for a drink and she said “Yes”. After when we finish having a drink we went staright back to class so that we can do writing then have our lunch for lunch time. Only three days we have Squash and the last day for Squash was Wednesday. Nicol David was the top female for Squash and Ramy Ashour was the top male. Harrow School was the first school to create Squash around in 1830.

My favourite part of Squash was challenging other people. On the last day of Squash some people started to play well and I was really proud of myself because I only lost once on the court where you play Squash but 3 time bigger. So the two people with the highest scores have to go on to the next court and the two people with the two lowest scores have to go down a court.

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