Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cultural Day

“I am so Nervous” I said to myself. The whole Senior Syndicate went for a mass for Diversity in the church.

On a lovely beautiful, sunny day the whole Senior Syndicate went to mass to celebrate Diversity for our Cultural day to share what we have been learning about for the past 2 terms.

The bell rang and the Senior Syndicate lined up so that we could go to church. When the Senior Syndicate were in the church the people in Room 3 who were reading had to go sit in the front because they were saying the prayers of the Faithful. They were Annalise, Rosalina and I. Inside the church we were ready to start the mass. I was so nervous because sometimes I get fright when I have to read in front of people. When it came up to the Prayer of the Faithful we were nervous. When we finished reading our prayers we went and sat down.

After church finished we lined up outside so that we could go back to class and get ready to get a pencil or a pen so that we could mark their presentation. Room 3 was suppose to present first but Miss G and Mrs Tui swapped places.

Each class presented and it was a great day.

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