Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rainbow Bird

    Rare Parrot                             Brown Pelican
Heaps of birds that were brown and grey wanted to be colourful at the forest. A rainbow popped up in the sky and the birds were surprised. The birds was trying to rub leaves, flowers and splash the berries on them. The birds wished some day that they would be colourful.

Suddenly a Phoenix started to come down from the sky and went to the birds on the trees. The birds was surprised to see the Phoenix. Some of the birds went with the Phoenix to the rainbow. While they were flying with the Phoenix the roaches started to come down to fight with the birds. Some of the birds were eating some of the roaches when they came down. The birds fought them and they won. The rainbow started to be colourful again, the birds were excited.

The birds wanted to be colourful so they went through the rainbow. When they went through the rainbow they turned rainbow colours. After when they went through the rainbow they went back with Phoenix back to the forest. When they went back to the forest the other birds were jealous because they didn’t turn colourful because they didn’t help the Phoenix fight the roaches.

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