Wednesday, August 21, 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

This Week for Religious Education we are learning about St Pius X because it is his Feast Day Today. His Full name is Joseph Sarto. He grow up poor with his 8 brothers + Sister also he grew up in Italy. He was the first person to started Holy Communion. Holy Communion was supposed to be for Adults but he decide to allow the children to receive their first Holy Communion. He was born on June 2 on 1835. Also he died on August 18 on 1907. He study hard to become a Priest. First he become a Priest then Bishop, Cardinal and also a Pope. He helped the poor and he gave all of his things to the poor people. He wanted to be Poor and Die Poor and also he doesn't want rich things because their are other people in the world that is not rich.

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