Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cross Country

Guess What! on a  lovely sunny Tuesday after Lunch time the whole of St Pius X Catholic School had cross country. The Seniors had to run on the footpath in the streets and the Juniors had to run on the field.

We had to wait until everyone was inside the tennis courts so we could start. Miss G said “12 years olds are first”. All the 12 years old got up, the girls had to be in the front and boys have to be at the back. Miss G said “ GET YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!, and they went off. When they went off they started to jog. Next was the 11 year olds and I was 11 years old, but I wasn’t running because I wasn’t allowed as I wasn’t well. I was cheering for my friends and also Miss G told me to take pictures of the Seniors and Juniors. When the 12, 11, 10 and 9 year olds ran off the  Juniors sat inside the tennis court and they were talking to each other while they waited for the Seniors to come back. 12 and 11 had to run twice but the 10 and 9 they had to run once. Monique came  1st out of all the 12, 11, 10 and 9 year olds. When Monique came she had to go to Mrs Williams because she came 1st out of the 10 years old. There were other people coming up the driveway. When Monique finished going to Mrs Williams. The St Mary’s girls were on the path way cheering for them the students too. There were flags and some teachers wearing reflector jackets also there were parents and their kids were watching them running. Some people came 1st, 2nd 3rd in each age. When everyone finished running it was time for the Juniors to run. Miss Moodley said “the 5 years olds stand up”, so they stood up. They went to the field and sat down on the tarpaulin. It was the 5 year olds turn to run, the girls were first. Mrs Pole said “GET YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!  and they went off. A teacher had to run in front of them so the students could know where to go. I was taking photos of them with Monique and we were cheering for them. I was cheering for my little cousin and her name is Malia, I was cheering for her loud as. Lili came first and Malia came 2st and Virginia came third. When it was the 8 year olds Monique and I were running with them. I beat monique on running and next was the 9 years olds, they had to run twice and also the 8 year olds.

My favourite part was taking pictures of  the people that were running. Also cheering for my friends and one of my friends came second and I was proud of her. I said to one of my friends that she was so fast and I said to myself  “MAN I WANTED TO RUN BUT I COULDN’T BECAUSE  I WILL GET SICK AGAIN”. When it came to the end some people went and had a drink. After when cross country finished we went inside the classroom and got our bag so we could line up outside and go home.

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