Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Camping Holiday

One day a family decided to go camping. Dad came back from work with a new tent. Jake and his sister decided to put it up at the backyard. They packed their stuff that they needed to go with to go camping. Jake and his sister asked about the T.V. and dad said “who needs television?”. Mum said there is no shopping and telephones when camping. “It will be peace and quiet” said Mum. Mum packed boxes of tin food. Also Dad said “Don’t forget anything, Dad checked the all their gear. Dad said that they are going to lots of fishing and lots of tress to climb. They were going camping at the forest. While they were going camping Mum was singing in the car and Dad whistled and also Jake and his sister played I spy. When they got there they all unpacked the boot. They family was grumpy because they left the tent so they had to go back home. While they were on the car to go back home no one was singing and playing I spy and whistled, they were all quite. When they go back home they started to have a barbecue and Dad  said “We could camp here for the night”. The family was so happy.

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