Friday, November 1, 2013

Prompt Writing 2

Samson woke up and it was a beautiful day to go to the beach with his family for a trip.

Samson decided to asked his mum if they could go to the beach. Samson’s mum Jasmine said “Yes”. While Samson was ringing his friend’s house Samson’s mum Jasmine packed all the food and put it in a big bag. She had to go and buy some food from the supermarket so that they could have a picnic at the beach.  

Jasmine went to the supermarket and and there were lots of people there. She went and brought chips and drinks and some things to make a sandwich. After when she got the things she had to go and pay. There was a queue, Jasmine had to wait for ages. While she was waiting Samson rang her and told her to hurry up because everything was packed and he was ready with his friends to go. “Wait because there is a queue, I will be there soon” said Jasmine. Samson and his friends were waiting for Jasmine. Jasmine was waiting on the queue, she was nearly up to pay her things. After when she came from the supermarket she went back home and picked up Samson and his friends. It took Jasmine a long time to drive to the beach. They got there and there were heaps of people. They had to find a space so that they could lie down. Samson and his friend went and swam in the ocean. There were heaps of people swimming in the ocean and Samson’s mum Jamsine couldn’t see them. She got up and she was trying to find Samson and his friends, she couldn’t find them so she went to the security guard that was sitting on this chair that is high so that he could see the people that were swimming. She asked the security guard if he could find her son Samson and his friends, he told Jasmine he couldn’t see them. The security guard looked again and they were drowning, he got up from his chair and said “OMG”. Jasmine asked him what happened, he said “They are drowning”, he went straight to the ocean and started to swim.

“Please can you save my child and his friends” said Jasmine to the security guard. The security guard got Samson and his friends out of the ocean, but there was one left to get and he couldn’t swim. The security ran fast in the water and got him. They had to go to the hospital to take one of Samson’s friend which was Charlie. They rang Charlie’s parents that he was in the hospital. Jasmine said to the security “Thank you for saving my son and his friend I appreciate that”. Charlie was better on the third day then Samson started to bring his friends over to his place to play outside and have dinner.

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Miss G said...

This is good Rachel, you have all the parts of a narrative structure. Remember the difference between there and their. There means 'over there' and their means 'their towels'.

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