Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt Practice 3

“ OMG Why are we here Carly? “ asked Ashley. Ashley answerd to Carly’s question, she said to her “ We are her to do a report about the tiger”.

On a horrible day for Carly and Ashley they had to do a report about the tigers. First they were in this cage that they were locked up with other people. All of them were very very scared because one of the tigers were on top of the cage and the other two was sitting on their bottom. They were very hungry and thristy. Carly and Ashely asked the other people that were in the cage with them if they are hungry and thirsty. “Yes we are hungry and thristy and we just got her like 4 hour’s ago” said the people. Carly and Ashley was shocked. Carly and Ashley were planing to go to the super market so that they can eat while Carly and Ashley doing their report about the tiger. They very very afraid that the tiger will bite them. Carly and Ashley was trying to get out of the cage so that they can go to the super market and buy food for the people that were inside the cage, they couldn’t go out of the cage because they think that the tiger was going to bite them. Carly and Ashley open the door that was on top of the cage. They got out of the cage and they were afraid, Ashley told Carly to don’t be scared and just stay with her.

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Miss G said...

Great hook here. When doing your writing Rachel, please try to use paragraphing.

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