Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prompt Practice 4

“Hurry Up Harry” Shouted James. We are going to the zoo for our trip with our family.

On a beautiful day that everyone woke up the same time James decided to go to the zoo with their family. James walked out from his room and went straight downstairs so that he can asked his mum Nicky. “Mum can we go to the zoo so that we can have family time” Whispers James quietly to his mum . His mum said “Okay but first you have to go packed some lunch and put it in your bag so that you can eat their. James went straight upstairs to his room so that he can packed his stuff. James had to go and tell his brother’s and sister if they are coming with them. James went to each room, first he went to his older sister Catherine’s room and knocked on her door, “Who Is It” screamed Catherine “Its me James” Said James to his sister. Catherine asked to James what do you want and James explained to her “We are going to the zoo do you wanna come” told James to her sister. Catherine started to brush her teeth and wash her face, after when she did that she dried her face and got change also James shouted from his room “Catherine you have to packed your stuff right now”. Catherine packed her stuff, James brother’s were changing too, Catherine walked into her brother’s room and told them to packed their bag and food. After when they finish they hop on the car and went straight to the zoo. Finally they got their at the zoo and their were heaps of people. They found a spot where they can eat. They left their stuff and went and looked around the zoo. First they went and looked at the Lion’s. Catherine turned around and she couldn't find her brother James. “Mum James is losted” shouted Catherine to her mum and brother. James was looking at the elephant far away from the loins. James mum and her brother and sister was looking for him, they couldn’t find him. James thought that his sister and his brother was with him but it was a different person. James was running around like crazy.

“I found him Mum” said Cathrine. After when Catherine found his brother James Nicky James mum told him to stay with them and don’t go anywhere.  They were looking at different animals and after that they went and had lunch where they put their stuff. James and his family got homed and had dinner and they were very very tired so they decide to have a good nap.

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