Sunday, November 17, 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2013

“Yay I shouted to myself and my friends in the hall”.  
On a beautiful, lovely, sunny day straight after the bell rang we went to the hall so that we could say our prayer before we left.

Straight after we said our school prayer Mrs William told the Room 6 people to get their soul friend so that they could go together in the bus. Mrs William told Mrs Deeney to take her class down to the bus. Room 3 went straight down the hill so that we could go on the bus. When we were on the bus some classes were coming into the bus. There were 2 buses that were down the hill. We were on the first bus with Room 4, Room, 5 and half of Room 7 because there were too many people so Mrs Tui halved her class.

While we were on the bus waiting to go to Sylvia Park there were people in the bus playing games. I was just sitting quietly until we got there. The bus driver stopped and Mrs Tui told Room 4 and 5 to go out in the front door and she told Room 3 to go out in the back door because our class was close to the back door.

When we got out of the bus we walked straight inside the mall. While we were in the mall we had to go to the top to the movies. When we got to the top we walked straight past the tuck shop where you buy popcorn and went inside the room where we saw the big screen. There were heaps of Glen Innes school. We had to find our seats and there were people talking. I was sitting with my friends Tokilupe and Annalise.

The movie started when they turned off the lights. Alecia and Patrick were the presenters from our class. Patrick and Alecia went first on the stage and they said their part then jumped off the stage and went and sat down, then our movie was on.

I was proud of Room 3 because we did amazing. There were other people presenting. Annalise, Lupe and I were sitting quietly until the other movies came on from different schools. Some of the movies were funny and when it came to the funny parts I started laughing with Annalise and Lupe. Room 7’s movie was last out of all of them. I liked watching different schools movies especially our schools films.

My favourite part of the Film Festival was Room 7, Catherine and Sione Dale’s group and the Magic Teacher from St Patrick’s. I picked Catherine’s group movie because I liked the song and it was interesting.

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