Monday, September 30, 2013

At Holiday Programme!! Day 1 Feeling Excited :-)

Wow! I woke up in the morning and it was kind of raining. I got up and had a shower and brush my teeth. After I did that and dry myself I got change. When I finish got change I did my hair.

After I finish did my hair and got change I ask my dad to drop me and my cousin Sefesi to St Pius X Catholic School to the Holiday Programme in the hall. 

When my Dad drop me and my cousin Sefesi off it was raining and when we got to St Pius X Catholic School we saw some people under the shade. 

We went straight to the hall and some people were playing inside. 
After that we started, first we did a morning prayer then Halamehi put us into 2 groups. I was in team 1 and the other team was team 2. 

We had to pick a name for our group and pick a leader so that they can look after us and pick the people that are playing. 

The first game we played was Cat and Mouse. My team was on the chairs and that means we were the Cat so that means my team had to catch the other team that is the Mouse and then when we get all the other team out then it means its our turn to be the Mouse and he other team gets to be the Cat.

After we played Cat and Mouse we played other games. After when we did other games it was Lunch time. After lunch time and we ate our food that Halamehi and Mele made for us we went outside and play in the park.

Some boys were playing some touch near the Park. When lunch time was finish we went inside the hall again so that we can play another game. When we got inside we played some games. 

When it was at the end of the day a person from my group had to say a prayer. After the prayer we went outside. While we went outside I went straight to the car so that I can go back home with Sefesi's Brothers. .

My favourite part was that we played Cat and Mouse and Dodge Ball because that was my favourite game that we played today. Bye see you tomorrow. :-)

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