Friday, September 27, 2013

Duffy Recount

Wow! On a beautiful day straight after morning tea we lined up where we lined up in the morning. It was at the St Pius X School hall. It was a Duffy Theatre. We lined up where we lined up in the morning, each class went inside the hall so it can start. When everyone in the hall we start. First they told us what were their name and their name was David, Manu and also Lose. Manu and Lose are Samoans and David is kiwi so that means that he is a New Zealanders. After when they finish telling the whole school what were their names they started the show.
They started to act like duffy and all those things. Everyone was sitting down and most people were laughing, I was laughing too because they were funny.

Manu was acting Duffy and David was acting as Scruffy and also lastly Lose was Afi. The title was called Duffy loses his words. They went and got change at the back of the big square where all the the words and the title.

The two brothers Duffy and Scruffy was looking for each other so they ran around the big square thing where it says the title. While they were running around the whole school started to laugh even the teachers. After that they found each other and they talk to each other.

After that Lose was Afi she show us when she goes to school with Duffy and the teacher was Miss Arthur that was Daivd. Duffy and Afi came late to school and Miss Arthur ask Afi to read a book to the whole people, we were laughing when she got the words wrong. While she was reading the book and she got the words wrong the whole school was laughing loud, I couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny. Duffy was sleeping and a man came and his name was Vautra, while Duffy was sleeping Vautra came and suck all his words from his mine so that he can loses his words for the test. Duffy and Afi challenge Vautra so that Duffy can bring all his words back. While they we challenge Afi was rhyming the words and if Afi rhymes the words Vautra sneeze and Afi keeps on rhyming the words and he always sneeze. After when Duffy got all his words back he can read. Afi was reading the Wonkey Donkey book to the whole school. While she was reading it and it says on the book three legs she said “Tree legs but actually it was three legs. Then it was finish when they bye. Some people ask questions. I felt excited to watch the Duffy Theatre when they performance to us about reading. My favourite part was when Afi was rhyming the words fast as. I am looking forward for next term and next year when their is another Duffy Thearte and the same people.

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