Sunday, September 29, 2013

Church Time!! :-) Feeling Holy

Wow Church on Sundays!
I woke up and it was kind of a beautiful day and it was Sunday. My whole family that lives with me had to go Church.

I went on the 10:00 Clock mass. When we go church on Sundays we always go to the 10:00 clock mass. 

When we finish changing and everyone was ready we went 

straight to church and find a parking for our car. After when we finish parking we went inside the church and small people were their because it was only like 9:30 and when it was like nearly 10:00 clock everyone started to come in. 

After when Church finish we went
to the shop to buy something for us to eat. Then we went back home. When we got home we put the stuff that we brought from the shop to the kitchen table. After when we finish eating me and my little cousin made a puzzle. And I was so proud of my little cousin Malia because she did most of the puzzle right and I only did a little bit.

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