Saturday, September 28, 2013

Watching X Factor Replay!! :-)

Today I am so bored just listening to my Cousin's speakers in his room playing music loud. 

Siting on bed waiting for the X Factor USA replay. While I am waiting until it comes on I decide to comment on other people's blog in my class and that is Room 3.

After when I comment on my friends blog in Room 3 I am going to do another comment on my other friends in Room 6. 

When I finish doing commenting I am just going to wait until the X Factor USA reply comes on and eat some Tim Tam.

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tokilupe said...

Wow, Rachel you should go outside and enjoy the sunshine smiling at you
!. I love the voices at X Factor USA. My favorite judges are Demi Lovato and Simon! I am just posting Diaries about what am I doing..... Hope you enjoyu your 14 days off. enjoy the Holidays and don't get bored. :) Bye Bye

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