Sunday, September 29, 2013

Movies Yay!! Feeling Excited :-)

Wow I woke up and it was a lovely beautiful sunny day. I woke up and brush my teeth and wash my face and then dry my face. After I've done that I got change and did my hair. 

I got change before my little cousin and my mum. When my mum and my little cousin was ready we went to the movies at Sylvia Park. We went up the stairs and went inside where we buy pop corns and ice cream. My mum and I and also my little cousin had a pop corn each and a Ice cream and also lastly a drink. 

We had to pick a movie and I pick One Direction This is us. We had to wait so while we were waiting I started to eat my Ice cream and I save my drink and my pop corn because if I didn't save it I would not eat anything while we are watching the movie.

When we got inside where we watch the movie we had to look for our seat and when we found our seat I put my drink on the thing where you put your drink in the car and that. Also I put the pop corn on my lap so that I can share it with my mum and my little cousin.

After when it was finish we went back out of the room and when outside to find where we park our car so that we can hurry up and go back home so that I can have a Lovely nap because I was so tired after watching the movie. 

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