Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kids For Kids Concert

Guess what! On a lovely beautiful day we had the Kids for Kids rehearsal in the day time and on the night session it was the real performance. It was at the Life Convention Centre in Mangere.

First in the morning we had to come early before 8:30am and some people came early some people nearly came late, I came a little bit early. We had to get some morning tea to put inside the bag and after that Miss G and Mrs Denney were making sure everyone was there and some people nearly came late. When some people came I said “Hurry, run because we are going soon” and they ran. After that nearly everyone was here, when everyone was here at school, we lined up outside of Room 3 so we could go. Foulahola was walking down the hill to see if the bus was there and she ran fast to tell Miss G that the bus was there. Mrs Denney and Viliami went down the hill first to go on the bus and we went after when they left. When we were walking down the hill to the bus we went inside it.
Mrs Denney was at the back telling people where to sit, there were heaps of seats and 2 people had to sit on 1 seat. In the bus I sat with Ma’ata and also I sat quietly looking outside and there were cars and some traffic on the road. When we got to the Life Convention Centre we got out of the bus and Miss G came in the car at the same time as us, also Mrs Carter and the Santa Maria choir were behind us on the road. On the bus I saw Danya outside checking the schools.

After when we got outside we went straight inside with Miss G and Mrs Denney. When we got inside we saw different schools, we sat on the seats. We had to get tallest to smallest, I was the third tallest. We were waiting until our school name came up so we could sit on the stage. When they called our school name we went up onto the stage and sat on the wooden benches. Our school was the third to last to be called out. When all the schools were on the stage we started. We sang Haere Mai first and also we did some actions to the songs. When we finished the other songs we went and had our morning tea before the second half. When we got back to our seats Mrs Denney started to hand out our morning tea. After we finished our morning tea we had to wait until they put us on stage. While we were eating our morning tea Tokilupe and Rosalina had to go with Chris to a room to audition. We were waiting until they called our school name to go up for the second half and while we were waiting Paul, Albert and I and also Misiotei decided to play I dare you. While we were playing some people were still eating their morning tea. When we got on the stage for the second half we started singing Glorafilla. Chris said “Let’s have the soloists to sing”. When we sang all the the songs for the night session some schools went back to their school.

When it was finished we had to stand up in our rows, our school rows was 3 and 2. I was on row 3 because that was the tallest row of our school. When we got outside of The Life Convention Centre we walked to our bus and the bus was near the backstage. We got inside the bus and we had to go all the way to the end so the other people could go on the middle seats and the first seats. We were on the bus and it was quiet because some people were tired and they started to sleep in the bus. When we got back to school we woke up the people that were sleeping. We lined up on the hill and Mrs Denney said “After our lunch we will have a game”. When we got to our class we went and sat down on the mat to say our lunch prayer. After we finished doing our lunch prayer we got our lunch from our bags. We were outside eating our lunch and when we were eating it Miss G came out with Ice blocks and that was our surprise. She handed them out and everyone had one each.

While we were eating our ice block some people went to the tennis court with the balls to play doge ball and master and all those games. Mrs Denney said “Finish your ice blocks before you come and don’t come with it to the court” so some people we starting to eat it fast. When I bit the ice block my teeth got cold so I didn’t bite it. When everyone finished their ice block they went straight to the courts, while we were going to the court some classes was outside. I asked Tangi if their class had an Ice block and he said “Yes we did”. I heard that the Baraden College girls brought the Ice blocks for every class. In the court most of our class played doge ball so I decided to join in. Mrs Denney said “You guys have 25 minutes and then we are going back to class”. We had a half an hour in the courts. When we finished having a game outside the tennis courts we went straight back to class.

While we were inside the classroom we played a game that was called Good Morning Judge. We played it until home time. It was nearly home time, we got our bags and went outside to line up so we could go home.

My favourite part was that we went on the bus to The Life Convention Centre because on the bus we got to sleep. I felt excited when we went to The Life Convention Centre. I was really proud of Rosalina because she made it into the soloists and that means she had to sing at the night session. I was really happy on the day because it was a lovely day we had.

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