Tuesday, September 3, 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

On a lovely sunny day the teachers, students and family and also father were celebrating the feast day of Saint Pius X. In the morning at 9.00am we had a school mass and everyone was invited. It was raining and everyone had to stay inside. Mrs Denny did the roll first before we went to the church. When I took roll to the office I saw other classes going up the corridor to go to the church. I came back from the office and room 3 was lining up to go to the church so I hurried and went between Kanesini and Patrick.
When we got into the church some of the classes were there and we had to go and sit down on the seats. The mass started and we started to sing a song. Latanoa and Zheinya went up and they were saying words that were on the presentation and it was presented to the church. After that we sang songs and then it was time to do Communion. When I finished going up I came back and kneeled down and said my prayer to God, after that we sang a song that was called Jesus so beautiful. After when Mass was finished we lined up outside of the church and walked to the hall. When the whole school got inside the hall Mrs Tui whispered to the people around to sing Happy Feast Day To St Pius X and we sang. After that we ate a banana cake that had iceing on top of it. When the whole school finished their cake room 3 lined up so that they could go back to class to have their morining tea. After morning tea we had a concert. Each class had a item for the Jam Bus. We sang Something in the water and Haere Mai. The 2 soloist was Tokilupe and Ezra, Ezra was singing Haere Mai and Tokilupe sand Something in the water. Some classes had 1 item or 3. Last was Room 7 sang Good Friends and Let it go. When they sang Good friends Mrs Tui said “ Every can Joined” and we joined. When the concert was finish we went back to our classes. When we got inside the classes we did our lunch prayer then we went and got our lunch. After Lunch time their were a special guest and her name was Linda. First we had to go inside the hall before we start. When we got inside there were a picture of Linda that she was holding the Insrument that was called on the picture. When everyone was inside the hall we started. Linda Played us a Euphuniom and her fingers was fast when she put her fingers on the keys. When she was talking about herself to us on the screen it shows her on the Tongan Group at Auckland Girls. Their were other pictures of her playing a Euphuniom by herself. It was time for questions and no one put their hands up so Motu put his hand up and said “ Hi my name is Motu and my question is what culture do you come from”  and that was one of his questions he asked. When it was finish Linda ask Mrs Logons daughter if we can take a photo of the whole school. We had to sit where we were and Mrs Logons daughter and stood at the top of the stairs and took a photos of us ad Mr Slade went up too and took a photo of us on the ipad. After that at 2:00 clock we went to the tennis court for a Basketball Tournetment. First we had to get into our house colours. Deja and Ezra was the leaders for Kiwis and that was my house colour. The game was started. It was Tuis and Keas the was first to play. Some of the Kiwis was cheering for Tuis and Keas. Tuis was in the lead, Catherine was in Keas and she got a 3 pointer and Linda was saying Yay. Linda was watching Tuis and Keas challenge and then she had to go. We said “ Bye Linda” and she said “ Bye” back. Next was Kiwis and Geckos. I went on the second half. After that people said “Geckos and Tuis are coming first”. When it was finish we went back to class and got our bags ready to go home.

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